A Day at Everything But The House

6 Oct


Back in August, I had the opportunity to spend a fun-filled day at the Everything But The House headquarters here in Cincinnati. This was a dream come true, because I love this company, and it’s been amazing to watch them grow the last few years. It’s always nice seeing a local company do so well, and it’s especially cool to see how much they’ve been expanding across the country. You’ve probably seen me talk about them here on my blog, too.

 I’ve been to the EBTH space for my real estate business, but to get a personal tour for my blog was incredibly unique and informative. It was surreal to see all the items that people had put up for sale and that had been bought by someone who fell in love with it.

The other influencers and myself got truly spoiled on our visit, thanks to our amazing hostess Sarah! Sidenote: follow her blog for inspirational lifestyle posts! Seriously, I wish I had her knack for putting a cute touch on everything.

We got to interact with the owners of the company, and really get a deep insight into the whole process. It’s a well-oiled machine! I loved hearing how the other bloggers had “won” some of their favorite home decor items on EBTH. I say “win” because even though you’re bidding on an item, it really does feel like you won something when you have the highest bid. It can get competitive when the clock is winding down on an item.

Unfortunately, I have yet to be a “winner” on anything I’ve bid on, but I know my luck is going to change. When I was moving out last year, I bid on a ton of stuff, but didn’t want to go too crazy since my place was so small. Now that I’m completely on my own and have a lot more space, I’m ready to jump back in the bidding war and win myself something!

Everything But The House

What we’re sitting on here is actually an old car that was repurposed as a couch!

Everything But The House

Everything But The House

Hearing Jacquie Denny, the owner of EBTH, speak about her experience with the company was one of my favorite parts of the day. She had amazing stories to share about people she’s met and items she’s sold throughout the years. I got teary-eyed when she told us about a Holocaust survivor she met with. It really hits you that there’s so much more to the item you’re bidding on online. There’s a entire story behind everything you see.

Everything But The House

Everything But The House

I love souvenirs, so it’s safe to say I loved these EBTH mason jars!

In addition to getting the EBTH treatment, it was also extremely nice meeting other local bloggers. I’m so used to fashion blogging, that I really didn’t know bloggers outside that realm. I could tell these ladies knew what they were doing when it came to home decor! Check out their blogs below:

Andrea of Oak Ridge Revival

Anissa of House Seven

Jenny of Evolution of Style

Nancy of BRIDEface

Tessa of Nine and Sixteen

Thanks again to Everything But The House for having me!

2 Responses to “A Day at Everything But The House”

  1. Yvonne October 6, 2015 at 9:43 am #

    This post really caught my eye because EBTH is my favorite place and my hobby! I can’t tell you the ‘finds’ and the ‘fun’ we’ve had many many times! Be careful, it’s addictive! Thanks for sharing! Y


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