Relaxed In Stripes

7 Dec

Beanie with Turtleneck

When I was in grade school, I probably owned at least six different turtlenecks. I had sparkly turtlenecks, striped turtlenecks and your standard solid ones, too. I’d wager a bet that 95% of them were from Gap. They made a good turtleneck. They were easy to wear, and they were perfectly practical for a girl in 8th grade.

Fast forward to when I was going away to college, and I still had an entire dresser drawer devoted to these turtlenecks. They hadn’t seen the light of day for years, but I always held onto them in the chance that I’d return to my turtleneck-wearing ways. When I was doing a closet purge, I got rid of all but one, vowing that I was over turtlenecks for good. I had convinced myself that college girls didn’t wear them, so they served no purpose in my wardrobe.

Casual Fall Outfit Ideas

Now that I’m in my mid 20s, I can confidently say that I’m back on board with the turtleneck staple. I don’t know how I ever turned my back on them because they are so incredibly comfy and warm. I’ve been building my collection back up the last few years, and this time around I know I won’t be getting rid of them.

This J.Crew tissue turtleneck is the latest addition to my collection, and I can’t say enough about how comfortable it is. The material is lightweight and stretchy, making it perfect for a casual daytime look. It looks great by itself, or layered. I never want to take it off!

 Nordstrom Trolley Booties

Rebecca Minkoff MAB Tote

Speaking of things I never want to take off, I got the BP Trolley booties from Nordstrom recently, and they are the most perfect pair of booties. I have small ankles, and these ended up being the best option for me. I had to search high and low for a pair that I liked, but I was sold when I tried these on. They’re extremely comfortable, and I love that the detailing is simple. I feel like a lot of people have these shoes, so I’m officially on the bandwagon!

Striped Turtleneck

J.Crew Striped Turtleneck Madewell Skinny Jeans

J.Crew Striped TurtleneckMadewell Skinny Jeans | Ann Taylor Embellished Beanie (similar) | Rebecca Minkoff MAB Tote | Nordstrom BP Trolley Booties

2 Responses to “Relaxed In Stripes”

  1. FashionEdible December 8, 2015 at 7:53 am #

    I agree – turtlenecks are amazing and I can’t believe at how few I have! I love this striped one, though, because it can be layered under so many things. And those booties are awesome – I have a similar DV pair and it literally goes with anything.



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