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Gift Guide: For The Champagne Lover

6 Dec

Every year I look forward to scouring the web for my  favorite champagne and jewelry-related gifts. Feel free to get some inspiration from previous years here. There’s a lot more gift ideas out there than your typical champagne flutes.

I always include the Chandon holiday bottle, and this year is no different. The 2016 bottle was actually designed by Rebecca Minkoff! It includes her signature gold stud pattern, and comes in a black or white bottle.

Another fun and totally unique gift idea is this sparkling wine making kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop. How insanely genius is this?! This would be perfect for that person in your life who likes something more hands on. This would also be a perfect activity for a couple or a girl’s night in.

These adorable Rosanna trays would make for a gorgeous catch-all for keys, change, etc.

I think at this point we’re all familiar with the Sugarfina champagne gummy bears! I’ve never actually tried these, but every time I see a picture of them I start salivating. Plus, this is such a hassle-free gift and would be very easy to ship.

Of course, I had to include something from Kate Spade in my champagne gift guide. They always nail it with their cheeky champagne pieces. I love this rose gold champagne bottle bangle!

This is a very small sampling of all the champagne-related ideas I came across this year, but I had to narrow it down somewhere. When I started looking looking for gift ideas, I didn’t even realize a few hours had passed because I was having so much fun. It was also great practice in the art of self-control!

Rosanna Champagne Kiss Tray | Sugarfina Champagne BearsRosanna ‘Champagne For Breakfast’ Trinket Tray

Nima Oberoi Lunares Top Hat Champagne Cooler | Brooklyn Brew Shop Bubbly Making Kit | Chandon Holiday Champagne

Rosanna Champagne Flutes | Kate Spade Champagne Bangle

Champagne Gift Ideas

Rosanna Champagne Kiss Tray | Sugarfina Champagne BearsRosanna ‘Champagne For Breakfast’ Trinket Tray

Nima Oberoi Lunares Top Hat Champagne Cooler | Brooklyn Brew Shop Bubbly Making Kit | Chandon Holiday Champagne

Rosanna Champagne Flutes | Kate Spade Champagne Bangle



The Perfect Pairing: Summer Cocktail + Kendra Scott Baubles

19 May

Grapefruit Champagne Cocktail

Today’s post is all about two of my favorite things: jewelry and champagne!

This is another video in my Perfect Pairing series on my YouTube channel (make sure to subscribe if you aren’t already!), and this edition involves a spring/summer champagne cocktail. I wanted to make something using flavors that reminded me of summer and being outside. That’s why I thought grapefruit would be the perfect ingredient. Some fresh grapefruit juice, mint and champagne? What else would you want to drink this time of year?!

 Kate Spade Jigger

Finding the best jewelry match for this drink was extremely easy this month. I’ve mentioned the Kendra Scott Cindy earrings a few times on here, but these are my top choice for the upcoming summer months. The charms are what really sold me on these, and they add a really fun touch to a traditional hoop earring. These are statement earrings, but in a delicate way that’s not too over the top. I also associate these earrings with summer because they look incredible with anything off the shoulder. Something about the mix of dangly earrings and exposed shoulders just feels right.

Kendra Scott Cindy Earrings

Summer Cocktail Recipe

Pictured Above: Kate Spade Polka Dot Bowl | Kate Spade Jigger

DIY Glitter Ombré Champagne Bottle

27 Apr

Bar Cart Ideas

This is probably one of my favorite DIY’s I’ve ever done, and for good reason. It’s all about glitter!

Full disclosure: I actually made two of these bottles like two years ago. The plan was to DIY a champagne bottle or two, and then do a tutorial of one for the blog/YouTube. For whatever reason, years came and went and I just never got around to it. There’s a good chance I forgot just because these sparkly ombré bottles looked so pretty on my bar cart and put me in a trance. This leads me to my next point. Sure, you can drink these pretty bottles, but you can also use them as decor! Like I said, I’ve had these so long that they’ve become a staple on my bar cart. People always notice them immediately when they come over, and I love that. My bar cart is fun and colorful, and these fit in perfectly.

Bar Cart Ideas

Another thing I love about these glitter champagne bottles is that you can give them as gifts or use them at parties. I made these for Christmas gifts a couple of years ago and loved how they turned out. I swapped out the pink glitter for red and green glitter and it looked adorable. It was easy to make and made for a memorable, unique gift.

Glitter Champagne Bottles

I filmed an easy tutorial on how to make these come to life, and you’d be amazed how simple the process is! I go over all the steps in the video, but supply wise all you need is a champagne bottle (duh), the glitter colors of your choice (I went with gold to match the bottle’s foil and then pink to create an ombré effect*), some Mod Podge and a sponge brush. That’s it. Those are the only tools you need to make this sparkly statement piece.

I’m not going to lie, this DIY produces a LOT of glitter, so I’d recommend putting a garbage bag down where your workspace is. I filmed this video last week, and I’ve still been finding glitter remnants all over my place.

*If you’re using a champagne bottle with a silver foil, I’d recommend going with a silver glitter. Since you’re leaving the foil exposed, you want it to look natural and flow together.


Colorful Bar Cart

And now for a funny story. It wasn’t funny to me at the time, but now that some time has passed it’s all good. When I filmed this video, I totally blanked out and glued the glitter in the wrong spots. I didn’t even realize I had done it until I was finishing up filming. You should have seen my face when I realized I had put the pink glitter on top and the gold on bottom (which is totally wrong). It was actually pretty funny watching that footage when I uploaded it to my computer. Thankfully, it actually didn’t end up looking bad. Plus, since I already had two other ombré bottles, I think it’s nice to have one where the ombré effect is flipped. Crisis averted!

Glitter Champagne Bottle DIY

Glitter Champagne Bottles

Week In Review

8 Apr

We’ve officially made it to the end of this cold and rainy week. I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t fall all week. I’ve actually resorted to turning my space heater on high whenever I’m at the office. This probably isn’t healthy, but I let it get to the point where my skin is physically burning from the heat before I turn it down. That’s probably only making me less resistant to the cold, but I think I’m already past the point of no return there. Let’s hope these next few weeks of April will treat us to some real spring weather!

Due to my nut allergy, I never have the pleasure of ordering a fancy dessert whether I’m at a restaurant or a cute little bakery. If I want something sweet, it’s up to me to make it myself. I’ve become quite the baker over the years, and am always open to adding new recipes to my repertoire. When I came across this choux à la crème glacée recipe on, my eyes instantly lit up. These are essentially miniature ice cream sandwiches that are *almost* too pretty to eat. Sure, they’d probably still taste amazing without the sprinkles, but can’t we all agree that rainbow sprinkles make everything a bit more tempting? I’m also living by the motto that since they’re “miniature” you won’t feel as guilty eating them. Cheers!

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches with Sprinkles

If there’s a website I like to stalk on the reg, it’s Charm & Chain. Obviously, my curious mind always veers over to the site since it’s overflowing with the latest and greatest in jewelry. The good news? There’s a 25% off sitewide sale if you use the code “WEAREFAMILY”. Dangerous and amazing all at once! I’m really digging this Loren Hope Eden Y Necklace, and the fact that it’s on sale is tempting me. I love the mix of the antiqued gold with the pinkish purple and emerald gemstones. What do you guys think?

Loren Hope Necklace

Spring is the perfect time of year to utilize the amazing flavor of lemon. I love anything that has lemon in it, and although I’ve never had cognac, I think this Lemon Thyme Sidecar from Cake N Knife sounds delicious. It looks crisp and refreshing, and would be the perfect weekend drink to make for your girlfriends.

Lemon Thyme Cocktail Recipe

image via Cake N Knife

The Perfect Pairing: Oscars Cocktail + BHLDN Baubles

26 Feb

Oscars Drink Ideas

As I was typing the title of today’s blog post, I inadvertently started humming “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music soundtrack. I love champagne, glitz and glamour, and anything that involves jewelry, which all happen to be major components of The Oscars. It’s kind of like all my dreams becoming a reality for one night a year, and it’s magical.

As you know, I’ve recently started a series on my blog called The Perfect Pairing. If you’re not familiar with it, I show you a cocktail recipe I love and pair it with the perfect piece of jewelry. Who wouldn’t want their cocktail with a side of sparkle? Not me!

I did a video on how to make the drink and showing off the earrings, but wanted to share some pictures I took in case you needed any Oscars inspiration.

French 75 Cocktail

Since The Oscars are this Sunday, today we’re making a French 75 to celebrate. The French 75 has been around for ages, but there’s debate on where/when it actually originated. Here’s an interesting read on that subject. No matter where the drink started, it was the first cocktail I thought of when I wanted to do an Academy Awards drink. I instantly think of old Hollywood glamour when I think of a French 75, and it doesn’t get more glamorous than the Oscars. With the mix of champagne, lemon juice, gin and sugar, it’s classic flavors coming together to create something timeless and amazing.

Now, onto the jewelry. Just like I knew what cocktail I wanted to make, I didn’t even hesitate when it came to the baubles. I immediately reached for my BHLDN Spire Earrings to complement this fancy cocktail. These were a Christmas gift from my boyfriend, and yes he has incredible taste in jewelry (lucky me). Anytime you pair pearls and Swarovski crystals, it’s a match made in heaven. I love the mix of feminine and glam, and these make for one eye-catching pair of earrings. Does anyone else get art deco vibes from these like I do? Very old Hollywood!

BHLDN Earrings

bhldn earrings

I wanted to add some personality to my Oscars drink setup, so I put paper bows on my champagne stems. I bought a set of gold, black and white patterned bows last year at Hobby Lobby, and was anxious to use them for something Oscars related. Luckily, they’re selling them again this year, so I’d snag them up if you need a party idea!

How To Make A French 75

These gold glitter boxes caught my eye, and I knew they’d be perfect for popcorn. Any excuse for glitter on Oscars night, right?!

Kate Spade Barware

I’ve mentioned my love for Kate Spade barware before, but this jigger has been an essential addition to my bar cart. I use it for all my drinks, and I love the gold and silver contrast. Well done, Kate Spade!

Oscars Cocktail Ideas

Oscars Party Ideas

Have a good weekend!

Valentine’s Day Ready

9 Feb

Viniq Vodka Review

I swear I’m not one of those people who’s overly obsessed with Valentine’s Day, but this year I’m just really into all things pink and red. When you’re at this point in the winter, all you want to do is look at pretty colors and think about when spring will be here. Also, I bought pink and red carnations recently, and have been slightly obsessed with how good they look together. That means I’ve taken way too many pictures with them to give me motivation on these freezing cold days.

Pink and Red Carnations Valentine's Day

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year, I feel like there are a lot of fun routes you can go to celebrate with your friends or significant other. I know the common denominator in mine and Joe’s relationship is food, and we plan on implementing that aspect into our Valentine’s Day festivities. This is where it’s important to remind you that since the holiday falls on a Sunday, you can stretch out your celebrations over the entire weekend. Back to the food.

Since Joe gets in town Thursday night, we’ll have a lot of opportunities to wine and dine over the weekend. We bond over our love of food, and we love everything from fancy shmancy to eating take out in our biggest pair of sweatpants. I’m planning on covering the entire spectrum while he’s in town. We’ll probably do a big Kroger shop when he gets here, and cook some of our favorite meals. We have dinner plans Saturday night, and I’m sure there will be a lot of brunching sprinkled in there, too. Long story short, it’ll be nice to bond over what we love most, and Valentine’s weekend is the perfect excuse to do so!

Viniq Ruby Vodka

Of course, no good meal is complete without a little alcohol to go along with it. That’s why when Viniq sent me a bottle of Viniq Ruby, I thought it would be perfect for this upcoming weekend. Guys, this liqueur actually shimmers! I spent a good half hour swirling the bottle around and watching the shimmer float around the bottle. Viniq Ruby is a blend of vodka, moscato and natural fruit flavors to make one enticing and shimmery drink. What’s nice is you can drink this by itself, or add it to a cocktail mixer. The options are endless, but I can guarantee it’ll be a hit.

Viniq Vodka

Pictured above: Kendra Scott Elton Bracelet | J.Crew Fringe Top (on sale!) | L’Oreal Pairs Colour Riche Le Matte Lip Pen in ‘Matte-r of Fact’

The Perfect Pairing: Valentine’s Day

4 Feb

Valentine's Day Cocktail

It’s almost the weekend, guys! Not only am I pumped that we’re one day away from Friday, but I get to see my boyfriend today after a monthlong hiatus. Our schedule’s have both been crazy since the new year, but he’s passing through Cincinnati today after spending the week working in Kentucky. Unfortunately, he can only stay for a quick lunch because he has to get back to Cleveland. It’s not too bad though, because he’ll be rolling through town next weekend and staying the entire time. We also got lucky that Valentine’s Day is next weekend, so it’s the perfect excuse to plan a night out and spend some time together.

In keeping with the theme of Valentine’s Day, today’s post is all about the day of love. As you may remember, I started a new series at the end of December called “The Perfect Pairing”. Basically, I take a cocktail (usually champagne based) and pair it with the baubles of my choice. I pick recipes and pieces of jewelry that I think complement each other to create a perfect match.

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I put together a quick and easy cocktail that’s perfect for a date night or a Galentine’s Day celebration. It’s a Pink Champagne Raspberry Float. Doesn’t the name just sound tasty? I made something similar to these for my family on Christmas morning, but I really love this recipe because it involves only three ingredients. Yes, all you need is pink champagne (I used Barefoot Bubbly’s Pink Moscato Champagne), raspberry sorbet and fresh raspberries. Does it get any easier?!

If you want something a little less sweet, you can substitute the pink champagne for something more dry. To make this drink, all you have to do is put a few small scoops of sorbet in a champagne glass, pour the champagne over top of it and then garnish with fresh raspberries. I wasn’t kidding when I said it was simple! I love raspberries, so any excuse to mix them with my champagne is a win in my book.

pink champagne raspberry float

Fresh Raspberries

The jewelry I’m pairing this champagne float with is these pink Kate Spade earrings. I thought these would be appropriate because I got them as a gift from my boyfriend a few years ago. He has great taste when it comes to jewelry, and I wear these earrings all the time. They really stand out against my brown hair. Plus, they’re pink and nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like some pink statement earrings.

Champagne Float Recipe


The Perfect Pairing: Peppermint Kiss & Emerald Baubles

24 Dec

peppermint champagne christmas cocktail recipe

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Just wanted to pop in and share my new video that just went up. I’m starting a new series called “The Perfect Pairing”, and I’m really pumped about it. Basically, it’ll be me pairing fun champagne cocktails with a piece of jewelry that I think is a match made in heaven. You know how they have food and wine pairings at restaurants? Think of it like that, but with bubbly and sparkles!

To kick off the series, I’m making a Peppermint Kiss cocktail. You probably have the ingredients stocked in your bar already, so it’s an easy last-minute drink idea. I paired that with a stunning pair of statement earrings. Seriously, they’re stunners!

I hope you enjoy, and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

DIY Tinsel Drink Stirrers

17 Dec

I’m so excited about today’s blog post! These colorful DIY tinsel drink stirrers are so easy to create, and they make for a fun party accessory. Plus, as perfect as these are for the holidays, they really are appropriate for year-round use!

You can customize this as much as you’d like depending on what type of garland you get. I had planned on doing gold drink stirrers, but was surprised when both Michael’s and Hobby Lobby didn’t have any. That’s when I saw this multicolored garland with silver accents. I knew I could make magic happen with this stuff. I’m happy that I went with this garland because each stirrer ends up looking different since there’s so many colors. It adds a nice pop of color to your bar setup. These would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve party!

What you’ll need:

-strand of garland (I got this from Michael’s)

-glue (a hot glue gun works great)


The process of making these is incredibly easy, so rest assured that this is a stress-free DIY! The hardest part is choosing which color tinsel/garland you’re going to go with.

DIY Tinsel Drink Stirrers


1.Depending on how large you want the tinsel to look on the stirrers, you can cut 1 inch or half inch sections off the garland. I veered more toward the inch side, and as you can see mine are a pretty generous size.

2.Dab some glue around the top of the skewer.

3.Take the cut piece of tinsel and wrap it around the glued part of the skewer. Pinch it for at least 10 seconds to ensure it sticks.

4.Allow glue to dry for 1 hour.

Like I said, this is foolproof! You can knock one of these out in a minute once you get the hang of it. Sure, not every cocktail calls for a stirrer, but let’s face it: these are adorable, and to me that’s reason enough to stick it in my drink!

DIY Tinsel Drink Stirrers

Gift Guide: For The Champagne Lover

10 Dec

Last year, I shared a champagne-inspired gift guide and had a ton of fun putting it together. That’s why I thought it would be appropriate to make another one for the 2015 holiday season. As usual, Kate Spade is offering a huge selection of bubbly gifts, but there’s also a lot of other places you can shop for the perfect gift.

Sure, actual champagne is always a trusted gift, but there’s really a lot of ways you can go! For example, these champagne and strawberry lollipops from Anthropologie are unique and look adorable. One of my favorite gifts on this list are these mimosa diagram glasses from UncommonGoods. I might have to cave and buy these as a present for myself!

I also found this feminine champagne print on Etsy that would make a great addition to a gallery wall. If you want to stick to the traditional and trusted bottle of champagne, why not go with this special edition Chandon holiday bottle?! Chandon releases holiday bottles each year, and they never disappoint!

champagne themed gift ideas

Kate Spade Champagne Bottle Clutch | UncommonGoods Mimosa Diagram Glassware | Anthropologie Champagne & Strawberry Lollipops

Etsy Champagne Bottle Print | Kate Spade Champagne Bottle iPhone Case | Chandon Holiday Champagne