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POPSUGAR Must Have October Unboxing

7 Nov

popsugar must have box

October’s POPSUGAR Must Have Box did not disappoint! I have said this every month I get a new box, but this one truly was one of my favorites. Keep reading to see what’s inside…

Rise and Shine Coffee Mug

First up is this simplistic Rise & Shine mug from Morning Culture. I love the sleek design, and this would make for the perfect Instagram appearance!

Popsugar Must Have

I always get excited when my Must Have box has a food or beverage item that’s nut free. This month included dark drinking chocolate from My Cup of Cocoa. The illustrated packaging was enough to suck me in, but I was pumped when I looked at the ingredients and realized I could use this! I don’t know if I’ve ever had hot chocolate with a dark chocolate base, but I’m pretty excited to give it a try. I’m kind of a hot chocolate fanatic since coffee doesn’t sit well with me, and this will be especially true now that we’re getting into the colder months of the year.

This shower oil/bubble bath combo from Lalicious comes in the scent “Brown Sugar Vanilla” and exudes the comforting smells of fall. I haven’t taken a bubble bath in forever, but this luxurious scent is making me think I need one ASAP.


This memoir by Lisa Sugar is my favorite item in this month’s box. I’ve gotten so bad about reading books over the years, but I still love reading autobiographies of different people who have “made it” in their respective industries. I’ve always admired POPSUGAR, so I’m excited to give this a read.


The most intriguing product of October’s box is this mini Makeup Eraser. I’ve heard of this before, but never actually tried it. I strictly stick to makeup wipes to remove my makeup at the end of the day because it’s so incredibly quick and easy. I really didn’t think it could get easier, but this might give my wipes a run for their money. All you have to do is wet it with warm water and it’ll remove all the products you’ve been wearing. I’m also amazed that the Makeup Eraser is good for 1,000 washes. One thousand, people!

I was so happy to see a Revlon eye pencil in my package, too. I’ve used Revlon eyeliner in the past, and loved the easy application and friendly price tag. I got the shade “Blackest Black”, which is perfect because dark liner is my go-to for a standout eye makeup look.


Want to get a POPSUGAR Must Have box of your own? Click here to sign up for your subscription and get full-sized products delivered to your doorstep!

*Thanks to POPSUGAR for providing me with a Must Have Box to review. As always, all opinions are my own*

POPSUGAR Must-Have Unboxing

17 Aug

Emoji Napkins

POPSUGAR Must-Have boxes are always the most exciting packages I get in the mail each month. Each month I think I have a new all-time favorite box, and that was no exception this month. When I say that there were so many goodies this month, I mean it!

My favorite item this month has to be these emoji cocktail napkins from House of Pom. I love that these are cloth, meaning they’re reusable, and are the perfect cheeky drink accessory. I’m always on the hunt for fun bar accessories, and I can tell you these are the most unique and fun pieces I’ve laid eyes on. Plus, I think they chose the best emojis to embroider on the napkins.

Emoji Cocktail Napkins

This inflatable swan drink holder came in a close second in terms of favorites. Is it bad that I immediately thought of having champagne in the pool when I saw this? I’ve been dying to get a novelty pool float for a few years now, but kept holding off since I don’t have a pool of my own. This miniature swan is the perfect compromise.

I was also extremely excited about the food option in this month’s Must Have box. With my nut allergy, I usually have to pass on the edibles, but that wasn’t the case this time. Joe Chips not only has incredible packaging, but it is free of gluten, nuts, trans fat and all that artificial stuff you find in so many snacks. My eyes lit up when I saw that on the back of the bag. I wish more brands would hold themselves to this standard!

Popsugar Must Have Box July

This cute pineapple pin from Pintrill made the bauble lover in me excited. I’m a huge fan of adding pins and brooches to my outfits, and I don’t have anything quirky like this in my collection. This one would be perfect to mix and match with other pieces.

I love the print of this black and white skinny scarf. I’ve been thinking all summer how I got rid of all my old bandanas and scarves, so this was a nice treat to get me back in the neck scarf game.

With a thick and long head of hair, it tends to take center stage in my beauty routine. I’m always worried what’s going to happen to it when I’m swimming or laying out in the summer. This protectant formula from Sachajuan has a UV filter that protects your hair and color from the harmful rays. You can also use it as a styling cream, which is nice because my hair gets a mind of its own in the heat.

The last product is a beauty one, and I’m so excited to test it out. I’ve become a bit highlighter-crazed in the last year, and now cannot leave the house without it. This brow highlighter from European Wax Center is right up my alley. I’ve used cream and powder highlighters, but never a stick version. I love that this is compact and skinny, allowing you to work it into the inner corners of your eyes and along the brow bone. I have a feeling I’m going to love this!

Popsugar Must Have Box

Like I said, it was an incredible Must Have box this month! Thank you to POPSUGAR for sending me a box to review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Topgolf Cincinnati + GIVEAWAY

26 Jul

So many giveaways going on here right now!

Topgolf Cincinnati

Today’s post is all about Topgolf, the latest entertainment destination in Cincinnati. It’s a place for golfers and non-golfers alike, and has tons of other options that appeal to anyone and everyone. There’s a ton of incredible dining options (such as donut holes you can inject with chocolate) and open air bar that offers live music on Fridays. The best part is Topgolf is open year round, even in winter. Everything is heated, so you can stay nice and warm while hitting your golf balls!

Topgolf Cincinnati

Topgolf Cincinnati

Topgolf Cincinnati

Topgolf Cincinnati

Topgolf Cincinnati

To celebrate the Topgolf opening, Thread Cincinnati is giving away a $100 gift card to one lucky winner! To enter, click this link. We will be announcing the winner on our Facebook page Friday. Good luck!

Video: POPSUGAR Must Have June Unboxing

21 Jun

Are you familiar with the POPSUGAR Must Have Box? It’s a monthly subscription box curated with the latest and greatest full size products for you to discover. I’ve gotten quite a few over the past couple of years, and they never disappoint! I don’t think there’s anything more exciting than getting packages in the mail, especially when you don’t know what’s going to be inside. I know there are a ton of subscription boxes out there, but I’ve always been a huge advocate of the Must Have Box because they give you full size products, not samples.

You can watch the unboxing in my latest YouTube video below, or read on about what products were selected for this month’s Must Have box!

June’s box did not disappoint. There was a nice little mix of food, beauty, fashion and other goodies. First up, is a bag of sriracha-flavored Pressels. I’ve never heard of this brand, but the packaging looks tempting! Next, these deodorant wipes from Pacifica. I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but I was instantly intrigued. I love that these are compact and have a resealable pouch, making it perfect when you’re on the go. The print of the packaging reminds me of Lilly Pulitzer, and I want more of this print in my life. The scent I was given is coconut milk and kale extract.

This “Cheers” bottle opener was my favorite thing in the box. I love anything gold, and this is going to be the perfect accessory on my bar cart. Another favorite was this printed sarong, which is going to come in major handy this summer. I love that the print is subtle and simple and can be paired with pretty much everything. The box also included a handy compact, that’s going to come in handy for my chaotic work schedule. I can work weird hours sometimes, and I like to check on the state of my makeup as the day goes on. I usually use my iPhone, but this mirror catches all the angles.

This NCLA nail polish was made exclusively for POPSUGAR, and is easily the most patriotic nail polish I’ve ever seen. It’s red, silver and blue glitter and it’s incredible. It brings me back to the days I’d wear glitter nail polish when I was younger. I can’t wait to try this out. Last but not least is the Ridley’s Game Room “Who Am I?” game. This was another product with excellent packaging. This game is perfect to bring on trips due to it’s conveniently small size. It’s an easy game that can be played for hours, especially if you add some cocktails to the mix!

Popsugar Must Have Box June

Thread Cincinnati + Dress For Success Recap

2 Jun

Thread Cincinnati

Last week, the ladies of Thread hosted an event benefitting Dress For Success Cincinnati. I always love an excuse to get together with friends, and it’s even better when it benefits a good cause. In collaboration with L’Eggs, we were able to collect a ton of great clothes to donate to our local Dress For Success!

We held our event at The Frock in Covington, and it is the most adorable space ever. I had been dying to go there after seeing so many intriguing Instagram pictures, and it definitely lived up to the hype. All of us helped take care of food and Kayla did an incredible job with the decor (both were very Instagram worthy). I snapped a ton of random pictures of the food and the decor. I kind of got so into those aspects that I didn’t take any group shots. Thank you to whoever’s camera captured the group picture above!

 Chocolate Covered Pretzels

I made these white chocolate covered pretzels, and was pretty proud with the final product. I love making these for events because 1. they’re easy 2. they’re colorful, and 3. they’re easy to eat!

The Frock Covington

The rest of our dessert table.

DIY Selfie Station

Kayla put together this DIY Selfie Station, which is genius! She brought a ton of props, too. I love this idea for a party.

Pink and Gold Tassel Garland

I highly recommend hosting an event like this with a group of girlfriends. It’s always nice to get together and throw a fun party, and it’s so easy to go through your closet and get rid of things you no longer need. It feels great donating clothes to people who need them, and you’re making room in your closet for the things you love.

Dress For Success Cincinnati


The Frock Covington

Video: 25 Facts About Me

26 May

I hope you’re having a good week! My mind is blown that it’s Thursday, but I’ll take it. My allergies have been controlling my life the past month, and I don’t see an end in sight. If I’m a little silent on here lately, know it’s the outdoors to blame. If any of you allergy sufferers have any advice, please advise away!

I always love reading blog posts or watching YouTube videos where people share a little bit more of themselves than you’re used to seeing. I think it helps to see a more personal and light side, and it helps you get to “know” someone a little more.

 Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder coming up with 25 things about yourself than you’d think it is. I was already struggling to think of things a few facts in. Yikes! Eventually, I was able to get to 25, and I think it turned out well. A few gems to look forward to: I included my most embarrassing story (it involves Jimmy John’s) and also a weird “talent” that I can do with my arms. Enjoy!

Video: March Favorites

6 Apr

My March Favorites video is fresh off the presses! I’m usually a creature of habit, but I tried out a lot of new products this month and ended up loving all of them.

I’ll let you watch the video to see all my top picks from the month, but there are a few holy grail items that are definitely worth a blog mention.

First, I tried out a new concealer, and I have to say that I’m hooked. It’s the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade ‘Vanilla‘, and it’s incredible. Since I stay pretty loyal to beauty products, I’ve only ever used MAC and Laura Mercier concealers. I loved both, but have been feeling more adventurous lately and went with the NARS. I didn’t know it was such a cult favorite until after I bought it and did some research on it. I can vouch that it’s definitely worth the hype, and the coverage and consistency is just what I need. It’s thick, but not in a bad way, and it keeps all my blemishes and dark spots covered throughout the day.

Another NARS product has made its way to my beauty favorites. Have any of you tried the NARS Satin Lip Pencil? This was another product I just decided to buy on a whim, and am so so happy that I did! I’m a big fan of pigmented lip colors, and this gets the job done. I have the shade ‘Yu‘, and it’s perfectly pink. I showed a swatch of this in my video, and when I went to wash it off my hand afterward, it didn’t budge. That sums up how long lasting it is. I love how smoothly it goes on, and it doesn’t seem to dry my lips out. I have a feeling I’m going to be buying a lot more shades.

One of the biggest things I’ve been obsessing over lately is Vermont Nut Free products. You may or may not know I have a nut allergy that can make my life pretty miserable sometimes, especially since I love food. I’m limited in what I can eat, especially in the dessert department, which isn’t fun. My mom started buying me some of Vermont Nut Free’s products at Fawn Candy, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I had always wanted to try something from Vermont Nut Free because I stalk their website a fair amount. So far, I’ve had the gummy bears and some of the chocolates, and they are to die for! Even if you don’t have a nut allergy these are great. I love gummy bears, and was so happy that these had an amazing taste. The chocolate is so satisfying, and I can’t explain how nice it is to eat sweets without having to worry about the repercussions.

Have a good Wednesday, friends!

The Perfect Easter Sunday

29 Mar

Easter Outfit Ideas

Easter is always one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. The weather is usually nice, and everything is starting to bloom and feel fresh.

This year’s Easter was extra enjoyable, and it felt like everything worked out perfectly to make for an amazing day. First, Joe was in town which is always a good thing. Between my busy real estate schedule and him studying/always traveling for work, we haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time together in 2016. He enjoys a good meal as much as I do, so he was easily convinced to make the drive for the weekend.

blooming spring trees

Family Easter PIcture

In addition to Joe being in town, it was really nice to spend the day with my family. I love Easter because it doesn’t seem as hectic as some of the other holidays, and you get to relax a bit more. I think we’re all pretty excited it’s starting to warm up, and we clearly took full advantage of the nice day.

My mom is Italian, so our Easter consists of homemade ravioli. Since I don’t eat meat, I always have my sights set on the cheese ravs. They’re the most amazing things I’ve ever had, and it’s all I think about during the week leading up to Easter. No joke, I eat about 20 ravs during our Easter lunch. I’m a pasta addict, and something comes over me once you put ravioli in front of me. I’m sure my Italian ancestors are very proud!

I usually have a pretty clear idea of my holiday outfits in advance, but this year was so hectic that I had no clue what I was wearing until 30 minutes before we had to leave. I decided on this cream colored laser cut leather dress since the weather was gorgeous and I’ve been itching to wear a dress. Since it wouldn’t be Easter without a pop of color, I paired the dress with some bright pink suede heels and these Kendra Scott amethyst earrings.

Kendra Scott Carey Earrings

Joe brought out his colors too, and wore this  yellow Brooks Brothers sweater that I love. He also snuck in this bunny ears shot that I thought was too cute to not post.

I hope everyone had a good Easter!

Bunny Ears PIcture

RACHEL Rachel Roy Leather Dress (similar)

Dee Keller Pink Heels (OBSESSED with these)

Kendra Scott Carey Earrings

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in ‘Yu’

February Favorites

3 Mar

March is already flying by, and I’m loving it! Bring it on, spring. Before I get too far ahead of myself, I wanted to share some of my favorite things from February. I filmed a video highlighting all my favorites, but thought I’d share a few of them in a blog post, too.

This Acqua di Gioa perfume by Giorgio Armani was my go-to perfume this past month. It has a strong, masculine scent and is perfect for these last few weeks of winter. It’s different from what I usually wear, but it’s good to switch it up every once in awhile.

Aqua Di Gioa Perfume

Another product worth mentioning is this Aveeno Positively Nourishing body wash. I use the lavender scent, and it is incredible. I love anything that smells like lavender because it’s so calming and relaxing. This is no exception, and I’ve even got my boyfriend using it when he’s in town! I love how fresh it smells when you get out of the shower and ready for the day.

Aveeno Body Wash

I attended a Kendra Scott event earlier in the month, and had an instant connection with these Carey amethyst earrings from their new spring collection. Since I have dark hair and features, I thought these would stand out nicely against my brunette locks. Plus, I didn’t have any purple earrings until now, and you can never say no to purple earrings, right?

Kendra Scott Amethyst Earrings

Patchology has become my go-to when I wake up with heavy, puffy eyes (which newsflash, is every morning). The FlashPatch eye gels sit directly on your puffy bags, and you can instantly feel a cooling sensation the second you put them on. I leave mine on when I’m getting ready for work in the morning!

Patchology eye Patches

5 Podcasts To Listen To Now

23 Feb

Podcasts to listen to

I have become a huge lover of podcasts in the past year or so. I really don’t know how it took me so long to realize how great they are, but they’re pretty awesome. This is probably where I should make a confession: I am obsessed with talk radio. I think that has to do with my journalism background, and always wanting to know what’s going on in the world. I started getting really into it after I graduated college and started spending a lot of time in my car due to my real estate career. Since I hadn’t discovered the podcast world at that point, I would stick to my local talk radio stations (which I still listen to today). The station I listen to is great, but it’s made up entirely of middle-aged men (which is totally fine, but after awhile you want to add some variety to your routine).

I’ve added a ton of great podcasts to my subscription list, and I wanted to share them with you in case you’ve become podcast-crazed like myself. If you haven’t gotten the bug yet, I highly recommend listening to one. There’s something soothing about just listening and not having to necessarily “watch” the show. Sometimes, I’ll even listen to one when I’m working from home, especially the motivating podcasts. Maybe I’m alone here, but I love listening to things when I’m in the shower. I used to listen to music, but now I’ll throw on a podcast and take an extra long shower (when I have time). It’s the best!

There are a ton of great podcasts out there, but these are my top 5 that I think are worth a listen!

  1. Psychobabble with Tyler Oakley. The first podcast I started listening to regularly was YouTuber Tyler Oakley’s Psychobabble. Tyler was one of the original YouTubers, and the podcast revolves around him and best friend Korey Kuhl’s hilarious take on pop culture. Their dynamic is perfect, and their stores always take on a life of their own. They also have other YouTubers on from time to time, which are always my favorite episodes. What I love about this show is it makes me laugh, and it feels so conversational and natural. Plus, I think anyone who knows who Tyler Oakley is wants to be best friends with him. *raises hand*


      2. Creative City Podcast with Tamia Stinson. Tamia is a friend and fellow Cincinnatian who recently launched her podcast, and spoiler alert: it’s awesome! Through her job at Cincinnati Magazine, she’s gotten to meet all sorts of interesting people with stories to tell. Tamia                      interviews people making an impact in the city, and allows them to share how they got where they are today. I personally love hearing about people’s ups and downs in life, and how it all got them to a successful place in life. If you’re looking to be inspired, give this a go!

Creative City Podcast

      3. Girl Boss Radio with Sophia Amoruso. If you’re a twenty-something female, you’re probably well aware of who Sophia Amoruso is and why she’s considered a badass. She’s grown Nasty Gal into a massive company, and it all started with an idea. It’s crazy to think that she                   started off on Myspace and gained over 60,000 “friends” through the platform while selling vintage clothes. If you’ve read Sophia’s hit book #GIRLBOSS, then you’d probably love Girl Boss Radio, her podcast that was launched last September. Sophia interviews fellow women who             have worked hard and made a name for themselves in their respective industries, and they share what they’ve learned throughout the journey. Some noteworthy guests include Charlize Theron and YouTuber Grace Helbig (whose name you’ll be seeing later in this blog post).

Girl Boss Radio Podcast

      4. The Lively Show with Jess Lively. Jess’ podcast is highly addictive, and once you listen to one you’re going to want to listen to all of them. She believes in living with values-based intentions, and talks about it in depth on her podcast. By adding value to your everyday life, Jess               teaches that it can uplift and inspire you to best your best you. She interviews a wide variety of experts, including bloggers and entrepreneurs. For me, this is one of the more motivating podcasts I’ve listened to. I like to listen to this one when I have zero distractions around me and               can just take it all in. Jess and her guests always share incredible advice that I feel like I don’t want to miss!

      5. Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig. If you’re a YouTube fanatic like myself, then you probably know Grace Helbig. The comedienne paved her own path on the internet and made a name for herself with her unapologetically funny sense of humor. Unlike some of the other podcasts          mentioned here, this one is extremely lighthearted and doesn’t serve too much of a deeper purpose (I mean that in the best way possible). It’s lighthearted, funny, random and pretty weird most of the time, which I happen to love. Sometimes, we just need to laugh and not think too              hard. She has well-known guests on her show, and asks them pretty far out there questions about things that really have no relevance other than being funny. If you’re looking for something that’s anything but serious, this one’s for you!