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Bundled on Lake Michigan

28 Nov

JCrew Cocoon Coat

About a month ago, my mom and I took a road trip to visit my brother in Milwaukee. I mentioned on my Instagram about a month ago that my family had to put Oscar, our beloved family pet of 15 years, to sleep. I haven’t written much about it because it was the most painful and traumatic thing I’ve ever had to experience, and even typing this is making my eyes fill with tears. Oscar was my best friend and companion, and as much as I wanted him to stay around forever, we also knew how much he had been suffering recently due to his strokes and diabetes.

A few days after we had to say goodbye to Oscar, I was in one of my best friend’s weddings. It was a ton of fun, but trying to put a game face on when you’re grieving is something I now know is extremely hard. Long story short, I was pretty drained. My mom and I decided to escape reality for a few days and drive up to visit my brother. She had visited Milwaukee before, but this was my first trip.

Our trip was short but eventful, and I feel like I got to experience a nice sampling of Milwaukee life. Since the trip was kind of a mental escape, I didn’t take many pictures of the places we ventured, which I didn’t even realize until after we left. I can tell you though, that the food was incredible and the sights were impressive.

I know I’m missing a few places, but these are the restaurants we ate at and loved: BelAir CantinaMo’s…A Place for Steaks and Carson’s Ribs.

Jcrew Stadium Cloth Coat

Patent Leather Loafers

Now, onto the outfit choices for the trip. I knew it would be a lot colder up in Milwaukee because it sits on Lake Michigan. I’ve learned from visiting Joe in Cleveland over the years (thank you cold Lake Erie) that the wind chill can be completely mind-numbing, especially for someone who is always cold like I am.  My goal was to pack warm and comfy.

I knew we’d be venturing to the lake on this day, so I dressed accordingly. That meant breaking in my new Cocoon coat from J.Crew, which I was more than happy to break out. I’ve wanted this coat for years now, and decided this was the year I was going to suck it up and buy it. It’s probably the best outerwear decision I’ve ever made. This coat is perfect! The color, the simple design, the length. It’s all so good, especially when you need to bundle up but still want to look put together.

Ever since this trip, I have been living in my J.Crew coat, and get compliments on it wherever I go. I know this is one of J.Crew’s staple coats, and if you’ve ever toyed with buying it, I can vouch that you won’t regret it. Another thing I’ve been living in are these incredible Rebecca Minkoff loafers. They’re black patent leather, and I think I’ve worn them every single day in November. There’s something so effortless and chic about a good pair of loafers.

JCrew Stadium Cloth

J.Crew Stadium Cloth Cocoon Coat | Banana Republic Black Skinny Jeans | Uniqlo TurtleneckRebecca Minkoff Edie Loafers  | Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace c/o | Kate Spade Bag (love this option)

Feminine Staples

14 Nov

JCrew Houndstooth Skirt

Feminine Outfit Bow Blouse

Happy Monday, everyone!

I decided to do something social this weekend, which is very unlike me once it starts getting colder (I go into hibernation mode when it’s cold). Miraculously, it’s been so mild here for months, so it’s made me more willing to venture out instead of curl up in bed come Friday night. Not only was the weather enticing, but I was also invited to check out the newly opened Finery Dress Boutique in Over-the-Rhine. Finery is a dress rental boutique that allows you to rent out gorgeous dresses at an affordable price. As someone who attended a ton of weddings this year, I can attest how pricy finding the right dress can be. Renting a dress instead of buying one you may wear once or twice is genius, and their selection was incredible. I look at a lot of clothes, and was impressed at the unique selection Finery offered. Check it out Cincinnati ladies!

Molly, Elise and I decided to grab drinks after visiting Finery, and it was so nice to get together and catch up with my blogging friends.

Pink Houndstooth Skirt

White Bow Blouse

Since I took a bit of a “blogging break” in October, I have a lot of outfits that haven’t made an appearance yet on my blog. This has been one of my favorite outfits I’ve worn this fall, and it’s definitely because of all the feminine pieces paired together. I actually bought this Banana Republic bow blouse way back in July, but had to wait to wear it until it was more seasonally appropriate. The bow is detachable, which is so nice since this is a perfect layering blouse.

Feminine Outfit Ideas

White Bow Blouse

I’ve been a bit brooch obsessed ever since I inherited some of my grandma’s brooches when she passed away a few years ago. I bought some new ones recently, including the sparkly one I’m wearing in today’s post. Brooches are my favorite accessory at the moment. There’s so many ways to utilize them!

Another feminine piece that has quickly become a closet staple is this J.Crew pink and purple houndstooth skirt. I absolutely love the colors and the pattern. It’s a fun take on a classic print. Usually once it starts getting cold I begin to wear more simple black pieces. I have a feeling though that these feminine pieces are going to be on constant rotation this season!

banana republic bow blouse

Banana Republic Bow Blouse | J.Crew Houndstooth Skirt | BCBGeneration Pumps (similar) | Vintage Brooch (similar)

Stepping Into Fall

21 Sep

Brown Corduroy Skirt

Today is the day I’m officially making the switch over to fall fashion. It makes me sad to hang up my summer clothes and saw farewell to the warm weather, but I have to admit I’m excited to take my fall clothes for a spin. If we could keep September weather for the rest of fall then it would be the best of both worlds.

I’ve already been stocking up on some new fall pieces, and one of them is this incredible J.Crew corduroy mini skirt. I have a good amount of corduroy pants, but this is my first skirt in the fabric. Joe (my boyfriend) is obsessed with corduroy, and I think of him every time I see it. I love the length of this skirt because it’s appropriate for work, but short enough that it’s also cute for non-work occasions.

JCrew Corduory Skirt

corduroy skirt jcrew

I feel like once a new season starts, it takes awhile to find your style groove. I kept looking at myself in the mirror in this outfit and feeling like something didn’t look right. I felt weirdly uncomfortable, but I think I’m just trying to get adjusted to these heavier clothes.

One of the things I feel like I’m always lacking is shoes. I have a ton of them, but never the “right pair”. I think we’ve all been there. I practically live in my Mary-Jane heels this time of year, but wanted to switch it up (and also I’m really worried I’m going to wear out the soles of my favorite shoes). Block heels are my absolute favorite thing at the moment, because they elongate you while still making you feel stable. I always feel like a baby deer when I’m trying to navigate in high heels, so I hope this block heel trend stays around for awhile.

Rebecca Minkoff Brooke

I saw these Rebecca Minkoff heels and it was like my dream shoe had come to life. They have the Mary-Jane strap and it’s a low block heel. Score. This is my first time wearing them, but so far they’ve proven to be incredibly comfortable!

Fall Outfit Ideas

Casual Fall Outfit Ideas

Rebecca Minkoff Brooke Heels

Jcrew Corduroy Skirt

Fall Outfits

Madewell Striped Top

J.Crew Corduroy Skirt | Banana Republic Denim Jacket | Madewell Striped Top (similar) | Rebecca Minkoff Brooke Heels | Kendra Scott Cindy Earrings

Donned In Denim

19 Sep

Denim Dress

To this day, one of the most satisfying situations in life is when I find something in my closet that I had totally forgotten about. I always feel like I hit the fashion jackpot when I score something freshly rediscovered that hasn’t seen the light of day in a few years.

My latest find? This denim mini dress that I bought my freshman year of college! Yes, this bad boy was purchased in from Forever 21 in 2008, and worn probably a total of two times. Since I was on a college student’s budget back then, most of my shopping took place at Forever 21. I remember a massive Forever 21 opening at a brand new shopping center during my freshman year at UD. This place was magical. It was two levels and felt like the size of a department store. Dayton, Ohio isn’t exactly a shopping mecca, so having a good Forever 21 nearby came in handy.

Denim Dress Outfit Ideas

denim dress

I shot this look a few weeks back when my mom and I went to lunch at Sotto. You can read that post here. It was pretty toasty out that day, and it was that point in the summer where you feel like you’ve already worn everything too many times. I dug deep in my closet, and saw this dress peeking out. It was the perfect daytime dress, and I spiced it up a little by adding this Tara Lea Smith necklace (doesn’t it look like an expensive Lulu Frost piece?!) and some heels. I’ve also been living in these lucite sunglasses from Banana Republic for the past three months. I had been looking for a pair that worked with my face for years with no luck, and finally settled on this pair that I love.

On another note, I’m finally starting to feel better after having strep throat all last week. It was rough, but I’m crossing my fingers I’ll somehow bypass the same illness once fall and winter hit. I’m relieved I won’t be bedridden anymore, but am a little nervous about all the work I have to catch up on. Time to get to those emails…

Denim Dress

Forever 21 Denim Dress

Lulu Frost Inspired Jewelry

Tara Lea Smith

Forever 21 Denim Dress (love this, this & this) | Banana Republic Eryn Sandals | Tara Lea Smith Necklace | Kate Spade Purse | Banana Republic Sunglasses

Midi Dress

3 Aug

Pleated Wrap Dress

Navy Wrap Dress

Long time no blog! I know I keep saying “I’m busy”, but it’s truly the case right now. You know I’m a total advocate for summer and warm weather, but I think I might be ready for a change. Yes, I’ll instantly regret it once the summer actually does end, but life has just been way too busy lately and I’m drained.

Now that it’s August, we’re all trying to do our best to beat the heat. Luckily my outfit choices have helped keep me as cool as possible (although is it even possible to be cool right now?) during these 90 degree days.

Banana Republic Wrap Dress

Today I’m sporting a Banana Republic wrap dress, which also happens to be my first experience with a midi dress. Yes, I’m probably the last person I know to get something midi length. Truthfully, I never thought this style would look good on me, but this was the perfect time to try it out and see for myself. Turns out, midi dresses are pretty dang comfortable and so easy to move in. I still struggle with maneuvering in a maxi dress, so this still gives me length without being constricting. Love it!

I’ve also been wanting more wrap dresses in my closet. In the summer, my work routine can be described as chaotic. I live for easy, breezy dresses that look chic and put together with minimal effort. There’s something about a wrap dress that evokes something so chic. This particular dress has a pleated detail on the side that’s subtle but adds a nice twist. Welcome to my summer work wardrobe, midi dress!

Pleated Mini Dress

Navy Midi Dress

Banana Republic Wrap Dress

Banana Republic Wrap Dress

Banana Republic Pleated Wrap Dress c/o | Banana Republic Sandals c/o | Kate Spade Sunglasses | Kate Spade Flower Necklace (similar)

This post is sponsored by Banana Republic. All opinions expressed are my own.

Summer Tweed Dress

14 Jun

Banana Republic Dress

Happy Tuesday! I got back in town yesterday after spending the weekend in St. Louis for a wedding. Even though the flight is a little under and hour, I am struggling to get back to reality. It was such a fun weekend, but sleep was not on the agenda. There’s definitely going to be some naps worked into my schedule this week. Life as a vibrant 26-year-old…

Tweed Fit And Flare Dress

Blue Tweed Dress

If you look at my closet, you’d probably notice my particularly large dress collection. No matter how many dresses I have, I always seem to want more and will come up with any excuse necessary to justify it. I think some of you out there can probably (/hopefully) relate to that justifying your purchase mentality. Dresses have always been my weakness, and I’m pretty sure at this point I have a dress for virtually every occasion in life.

The latest addition to my dress collection is this tweed stunner from Banana Republic. I hadn’t previously owned any tweed dresses, so of course I knew I had to get it (there’s my justification ;)). The fit-and-flare was another huge selling point for me. I don’t think you can get a silhouette more feminine. The dress itself is thick and substantial, making it look very high end and perfect for any summertime event. There’s also a fringe detail along the trim that adds a nice whimsical touch. I have a few bridal showers coming up the next few months, and this is going to be my dress of choice when those days come.

Banana Republic Dress

Banana Republic Tweed Dress

Another new and noteworthy piece of today’s look? These incredible lace-up sandals. I struggled on what color to choose because they all would have gotten a warm welcome in my closet, but ultimately settled on the nude pair (Vachetta on the BR site). I tend to be rough on shoes, so I was in need of some cute but versatile summer sandals. Lace-up shoes are everywhere at the moment, and I have to say they’re way more comfortable than I imagined! I’ve already worn these multiple times, and they are holding up perfectly. I have a feeling we’re going to get along very well these next few months!

Banana Republic Eryn Heels

 Banana Republic Tweed Dress

  Banana Republic Dress

Banana Republic Tweed Fit And Flare Dress c/o

Banana Republic Eryn Sandal c/o

Banana Republic provided free product in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Red Sundress

12 May

Red Dress Denim Jacket

Like I mentioned Monday, the Thread Cincinnati girls spent a recent Saturday at the Cincinnati Premium Outlets, and it was the perfect day. Getting to meet up with your friends and hunt for a new outfit is pretty much the recipe for a good time. Today I wanted to share the outfit I picked out from our shopping trip!

Also, there’s still time to enter the shopping giveaway that I shared on Monday! Click here to enter.

Red Summer Dress

There were so many good stores and pieces to choose from that I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to settle on one thing. That changed when I slipped this red eyelet dress on at J.Crew Factory. It was so insanely comfortable, yet so chic at the same time. I have a jam packed schedule coming up this summer, and knew that this could work for my many events.

Another thing I totally fell in love with during our shopping trip are these Nine West shoes. I was stuck between two pairs, but Liz convinced me to go with these, and I am so happy she did! I’ve worn these almost every single day since I got them. Thanks Liz!

JCrew Factory Eyelet Dress

JCrew Red Dress

Joe got me these earrings for my birthday, and they are so me. Tortoiseshell mixed with statement gems? Yeah, I’ll be wearing these every day. I already have been. I wore this exact outfit to UD’s graduation weekend, and have a hunch this won’t be the last time!

JCrew Statement Earrings

 JCrew Eyelet Dress

J.Crew Factory Red Eyelet Dress c/o

Nine West Ankle Strap Sandals c/o

Banana Republic Denim Jacket

J.Crew Tortoiseshell Earrings

L’Oreal Le Matte in ‘Mad For Matte’

Adorned In Orange

21 Apr

Sleeveless Orange Top

Today’s blog post might as well be an ode to spring. It’s full of color and flowers. Lots of flowers.

Like I mentioned Monday, my mom and I went to the Cincinnati Flower Show over the weekend, and it was amazing. I love spring, and the amount of flowers we saw was proof that the best season of the year is here. I’m so happy I brought my camera along to document, because I won’t stop staring at these pictures anytime soon!

Colorful Flowers

 Colorful Spring Outfit Ideas

What does one wear to a flower show? I was asking myself that same question while staring blankly at my closet with my mouth wide open. If it were up to me, I’d be wearing my best daytime dress with a complementary pair of heels. And of course, lots of jewelry. However, I knew I had to go with a more realistic option since 1. I knew we’d be walking a ton, and 2. it was 75 degrees outside.

I knew I had to wear something with color in it. I’m such a cheerleader for spring if you haven’t noticed already. Thankfully I have this trusty Forever 21 top that I bought way early on in college. Don’t you love those inexpensive Forever 21 purchases that never seem to go out of style. I sure do. This is actually pretty thick and structured, so it feels a bit dressier than a regular sleeveless top.

The accessories were really the most fun part of this getup. I knew this is where I wanted my look to shine (pun intended). These Dune London embellished sandals are beyond comfy and so perfect for a day spent on your feet. Since we were going to a flower show, I went the obvious route and opted for this Kate Spade flower necklace. It’s substantial but lightweight, which is perfect for a warm spring day.

Finally, I wore what are easily my favorite pair of sunglasses I own. These bad boys are from Banana Republic and I feel retro chic every time I wear them. PS- Banana Republic has a ton of different color options in this style!

 Cincinnati Flower Show

Bright Orange Top

Garden with Fountain

I think this is my dream garden setup. Between the bulb strand lights and this incredible wall fountain, I want this to be my backyard.

Pink and white wedding flower arrangement

I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon, but this wedding flower arrangement had me dreaming of my future wedding. I love all the pinks and whites, and the idea of using flowers as a table runner is genius.

White JCrew Shorts

Orange Sleeveless Top (love this identical option!)

J.Crew Chino Shorts

Dune London Embellished Sandals (similar)

Banana Republic Sunglasses (love these, these, and these)

Kate Spade Flower Necklace (gorgeous option)

Classic & Feminine

28 Sep

Feminine Fall Outfit Ideas

I know I’ve been sad about summer ending, but the one thing making up for it is fall fashion. If we could keep this September weather all season, I’d be a happy girl.

I’m having a lot of fun wearing pieces that are the epitome of fall weather. Case in point: this Banana Republic plaid shirt. I thought it was more of a windowpane print, but the Banana website calls it plaid, so we’ll go with that. This Madewell skirt was a last winter purchase, but it’s proven its worth in my wardrobe year round.

Banana Republic Black and White Plaid Shirt

Black and White Fall Outfit

As much as I love color, my fall wardrobe seems to be dominated by neutrals like black, white and grey. Even the pieces I’ve been buying lately have been void of color, but I kind of like all the different combinations you can create with a color-neutral palette. I’ve found myself buying pieces that are pretty basic, but that I kind wear so many different ways. I already have like five other ideas for how to wear this black and white plaid shirt! It’s pretty nice knowing you’re getting your money’s worth out of a purchase.

Black and White Plaid Shirt with Felt Hat

Cute Fall Outfit Ideas

Some of my other fall staples include these Mary-Jane black heels and this felt hat from Anthropologie. My style is pretty feminine, so I think these accessories help create a cute but fall-appropriate look.

Fall Outfit Ideas

Fall Outfit Ideas Black and White

Banana Republic Plaid Shirt (on sale!) | Madewell A-line Skirt (similar) | Vince Camuto Heels (similar) | Anthropologie Felt Hat (similar) | Boohoo Sunglasses c/o

The Shirt Every Woman Needs

13 Jul

Loft French Hen Shirt Gap Denim Shorts

How was everyone’s weekend?! I went out on Friday, and ended up paying for it the rest of the weekend. As it turns out, a few beers and four hours of sleep aren’t the formula for a productive weekend. I managed to muster up some energy Saturday night and head downtown with my parents. Does anyone else ever have the best time going out with their parents? We always end up trying new restaurants and bars, and just seeing where the night goes. They love being downtown just as much as I do, so it’s fun to have people to do that with.

We ate downtown and walked all over after. It was great seeing everyone out and about for the All-Star festivities. We ended the night with drinks at Top of the Park, and got a nice little surprise firework show from the Demi Lovato concert!

Womens Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt

Soludos Lace Up Espadrilles

Luckily I had this outfit from vacation I’ve been wanting to share, because the weather here has been terrible. I think all my Midwest friends can agree that we haven’t gotten much of a summer. I’m happy I can reminisce on sunny Siesta Key, and this incredible LOFT shirt.

This top came in the mail one day before I left, and I was thrilled to bring it on my trip. Those little orange dots you see are actually French Hens! How cute? For being a casual shirt, there’s a lot of different ways you can style it. I’d just as much wear it as a daytime top, and then dress it up with some skinny jeans, heels and statement jewelry.

LOFT French Hens Shirt

Loft French Hens Shirt

I’m really into the short sleeve button-down trend, and I think it’s here to stay. It’s easy, but looks like you spent a lot of time getting ready. That’s always a win in my book. This is the type of top I think every woman needs in her closet. I know I’ll be adding more to mine!

Loft French Hen Top

Black Espadrilles with French Hen Shirt

Ann Taylor LOFT French Hen Shirt | Gap Denim Shorts | Soludos Espadrilles | Banana Republic Sunglasses | J.Crew Bracelet | Evereve Hat (similar option for $13!)

Soludos Espadrilles with Loft Shirt