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Black, White and Houndstooth

30 Nov

Socks With Heels

I’m a sucker for quirky fashion details, which is why I’ve been itching to wear a cute pair of socks with heels. The only problem? I have a drawer full of socks that I’ve collected over the years, but none of them seem to be inspiring me lately. It’s the classic fashion dilemma of having everything, but not the right thing.

Bow Blouse

 I actually first tried the sock with non-gym shoe look back in eighth grade. I had a grade school dance I was going to, and my mom and I went out shopping for an outfit for me to wear. I remember getting a fun pink graphic tee from Abercrombie, a black pleated skirt and a pair of Doc Marten-esque shoes to go with the outfit. My mom suggested I add some fishnet socks that hit just below my knees. I was very hesitant, but she said it would look adorable and very fashion forward, so I went with it (mostly to appease her). When I got all ready for the dance (which was in our grade school cafeteria), my mom had raved about how cute the outfit we put together looked. As someone who had braces, a bad highlight job and zero self-confidence, I was actually feeling pretty good about my “unique” look! Everyone would be in jeans, and I’d be in my fun party look. When one of the mom’s picked me up for the dance, I got in the car and instantly got a lot of stares and questions about what I was wearing. My confidence balloon was instantly deflated, and I couldn’t wait for the night to end. I don’t think anyone meant to be hurtful, but it stung.

Bow Blouse Outfit

Feminine Outfit Ideas

It’s kind of funny. When I was growing up, everyone wanted to look and be the same, and if you ever dressed even slightly different than what was “cool” you would get stared at and called weird. Today, it seems like everyone is the exact opposite and what’s to be as different and unique as possible. I wish that mentality would have been more common during my childhood because I spent way too much time and energy trying to look exactly like everyone else! When you get older, you wish you could give your younger self a pep talk and tell them that everything is going to work out just fine.

Houndstooth Jacket Outfit

How to wear socks with heels

How to wear socks with heels

Fast forward to 2016, and I’m wearing my socks and heels loud and proud! I found this houndstooth pair at a J.Crew in Milwaukee and knew they’d be perfect for my feminine Mary-Jane heels. It’s hard finding the right shoe to wear socks with, but I’d say for me a simple heel is the way to go.

Since I was going for a feminine look, I opted for a bow blouse and houndstooth jacket. I can also tell that we’re getting into the time of year where I start wearing all black and white. Once it gets cold out, my body temperature and fashion choices go into a mourning period. That means mostly black until spring arrives. Hopefully I can break that cycle this year!

   Houndstooth Jacket  Black and White Outfit Ideas

Houndstooth Jacket (similar splurge + affordable) | BCBG Skirt | Banana Republic Shirt | J.Crew Houndstooth Socks (identical J.Crew pair) | Vince Camuto Heels (love this pair) | Clutch (similar) | Kate Spade Sunglasses

Black & White Sophistication

15 Sep

Jcrew Ruffle Top

Are you like me and putting an insane amount of pressure on yourself at all times? It’s pretty obvious that I have totally slowed down on my blog the past few months, and I cannot tell you how guilty I feel about it. I’ve been blogging for almost four years, and this is by far the worst I’ve ever been about posting. Even though I’ve had good reason to not post as much (health reasons, being insanely busy with real estate), I’ve still been putting a crazy amount of guilt on myself. For example, I’ve been battling a nasty case of strep throat and the flu this week. It’s been rough, and although I have been completely worn out I still feel like I can’t 100% relax because my mind is thinking about all of the things I should be doing (catching up on email, working on my blog). I’ve been working on accepting when I just need to take a step back and slow down, but I’m not 100% there yet.  I think too that summer makes everything a little bit harder. We’re all trying to live it up in the nice weather, and by Labor Day you’re just drained. As much as I love the nice weather, I think I’m ready for a slow down. Blogging was always relaxing and therapeutic for me, and I want to get back to that place!

bcbg fit and flare skirt

fit and flare skirt bcbg

On a fashion-related note, this outfit epitomizes my feminine style. I’ve always had a soft spot for bows, but I went on a bit of a bow bender this summer, buying way too many tops tied with a bow. This J.Crew ruffled top caught my eye online, and it took me all of three minutes to add it to my cart. A girl knows a good bow when she sees it. I actually took these pictures in July (more proof of me falling behind this summer), and wanted to post it before it’s totally out of season.

I’ve seen a few other bloggers sporting it as well, and I can attest that it was a good purchase. The material is ponte, which I love because of its thickness. It’s been a work staple for me lately.

Black and White Ruffle Top with Bow

Black and White Striped Heels

Another piece I’ve been looking to add to my closet is a black fit and flare skirt. I have one already, but sometimes it feels too heavy and bulky. I remember trying on the BCBGMaxazria Ingrid skirt a few years back, and loving how it felt. It’s pretty fitted around the waist, but the flare is just too perfect. I saw the black version pop up on Shopbop recently, and knew this was the one.

It’s funny, usually I am all about color from spring through summer, but I’ve been going a lot more neutral lately. I don’t know why the sudden change of heart, but I like the potential of mixing and matching my black and white pieces. Knowing me, this could all change in a week. We’ll see what the season change brings!

J.Crew Ruffled Top | BCBGMaxazria Ingrid Skirt | Vince Camuto Striped Heels | Kate Spade Sunglasses

feminine outfit ideas

jcrew ruffle neck top

bcbg ingrid skirt

jcrew bow top

J.Crew Ruffled Top | BCBGMaxazria Ingrid Skirt | Vince Camuto Striped Heels | Kate Spade Sunglasses

Feminine Simplicity

15 Oct

White Bell Sleeve Blouse

Full disclosure: if I look extremely uncomfortable in these pictures, it’s because a super creepy man was blatantly staring at me the entire time I took these. You always get people who look at you, but this guy would actually turn his body and just face me and stare. We tried to hide a little bit, and he would even move to look at me. Talk about disturbing!

Feminine Black and White Outfit Ideas

I am a complete sucker for feminine details on clothes. If it has a delicate, romantic touch, there’s a good chance I will probably buy it. Case in point: this pleated bell sleeve top from Zara.

I bought it about two years ago, and although I’ve only worn it a handful of times, I melt when I look at the sleeves. My fall style has actually been a huge 180 to my summer style. I love color, but I also love black and white. It seems like once fall hit, the color vanished from my wardrobe and it’s strictly black and white. I’m not mad about it, but it is funny to see how much your taste can change once the weather changes a bit.

Bell Sleeve Blouse

Mary-Jane Shoes

One area where my taste doesn’t change? These shoes. I’ve been told by people that I wear these way too often, but I don’t see anything wrong with that! When I find something I love, I wear the heck out of it. My only concern is that I’m going to wear the soles out because there on my feet too much. Luckily, there’s always room for more Mary-Jane’s in my closet!

On another fall-related note, my condo has completely transformed thanks to a Bath & Body Works candle. I’ve always heard the hype surrounding their candles, but never bought any to experience them myself. That all changed over the weekend when I popped into the store and snagged a few essential fall scents for my place. I bought Sweater Weather and Autumn, and my life is forever changed. If I see you in person, I apologize in advance because it’s all I seem to talk about lately. I’m officially a crazy candle lady.

Feminine Fall Outfit Ideas

Zara Pleated Bell Sleeve Blouse (similar) | Madewell A-line Skirt (similar) | Vince Camuto Mary-Jane Heels (similar) | BaubleBar Necklace (similar)

Classic & Feminine

28 Sep

Feminine Fall Outfit Ideas

I know I’ve been sad about summer ending, but the one thing making up for it is fall fashion. If we could keep this September weather all season, I’d be a happy girl.

I’m having a lot of fun wearing pieces that are the epitome of fall weather. Case in point: this Banana Republic plaid shirt. I thought it was more of a windowpane print, but the Banana website calls it plaid, so we’ll go with that. This Madewell skirt was a last winter purchase, but it’s proven its worth in my wardrobe year round.

Banana Republic Black and White Plaid Shirt

Black and White Fall Outfit

As much as I love color, my fall wardrobe seems to be dominated by neutrals like black, white and grey. Even the pieces I’ve been buying lately have been void of color, but I kind of like all the different combinations you can create with a color-neutral palette. I’ve found myself buying pieces that are pretty basic, but that I kind wear so many different ways. I already have like five other ideas for how to wear this black and white plaid shirt! It’s pretty nice knowing you’re getting your money’s worth out of a purchase.

Black and White Plaid Shirt with Felt Hat

Cute Fall Outfit Ideas

Some of my other fall staples include these Mary-Jane black heels and this felt hat from Anthropologie. My style is pretty feminine, so I think these accessories help create a cute but fall-appropriate look.

Fall Outfit Ideas

Fall Outfit Ideas Black and White

Banana Republic Plaid Shirt (on sale!) | Madewell A-line Skirt (similar) | Vince Camuto Heels (similar) | Anthropologie Felt Hat (similar) | Boohoo Sunglasses c/o

Striped & Sunny

20 May

Banana Republic Margaux Sunglasses

Brooks Brothers Pink and Blue Striped Sweater

How do I begin to describe my love for the color pink? I could go on all day. I’ve never found a shade of pink I don’t like. It’s fun, feminine, flirty and just makes me happy. That’s why when I saw this striped sweater at Brooks Brothers, I knew immediately it was going home with me.

This is actually my first personal purchase from Brooks Brothers. My boyfriend lives in Brooks Brothers clothes, so I’ve gotten him stuff there before, but never for myself. That changed when he wanted to pop in to the Kenwood location when he was in town recently. I don’t know if other girlfriends feel this way, but I actually love shopping for my boyfriend. He’s really into dressing well, so it’s cute to see how excited he gets when he’s shopping at Brooks Brothers. I swear he has every pattern shirt they’ve ever made, which makes it really hard when it’s time to get him Christmas and birthday presents.

On this particular day, I got a little bored while he was looking at solid-colored button downs (yawn), so I moseyed on over to the women’s section. A lot of things were a little too serious for my liking, but this sweater was calling my name. I knew the pink and navy stripes would be getting a lot of action, whether it would be during the work week or on the weekends. That’s proven to be true, because I’ve worn this at least five times. Hey, at least I’m getting my money’s worth, right?!

 Brooks Brothers Striped Womens Crewneck Sweater

Metallic Oxfords Striped Pink and Blue Sweater

PS- is anyone else relieved the week is already half over? I was feeling really invigorated all of Tuesday, but I’ve been feeling sick ever since I ate dinner last night. The fact that I made over a pound of roasted vegetables and rapidly inhaled them probably triggered it. Whatever it is, I’m ready for a lazy weekend!

Brooks Brothers Supima Cotton Crewneck Colorful Striped Sweater

Brooks Brothers Supima Striped Crewneck Sweater (on sale!) | Gap Tailored White Shorts | Sam Edelman Metallic Oxfords (similar) | Banana Republic Margaux Sunglasses | Ralph Lauren Pink Button Down (similar)

Brooks Brothers Womens Striped Sweater