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Feminine Staples

14 Nov

JCrew Houndstooth Skirt

Feminine Outfit Bow Blouse

Happy Monday, everyone!

I decided to do something social this weekend, which is very unlike me once it starts getting colder (I go into hibernation mode when it’s cold). Miraculously, it’s been so mild here for months, so it’s made me more willing to venture out instead of curl up in bed come Friday night. Not only was the weather enticing, but I was also invited to check out the newly opened Finery Dress Boutique in Over-the-Rhine. Finery is a dress rental boutique that allows you to rent out gorgeous dresses at an affordable price. As someone who attended a ton of weddings this year, I can attest how pricy finding the right dress can be. Renting a dress instead of buying one you may wear once or twice is genius, and their selection was incredible. I look at a lot of clothes, and was impressed at the unique selection Finery offered. Check it out Cincinnati ladies!

Molly, Elise and I decided to grab drinks after visiting Finery, and it was so nice to get together and catch up with my blogging friends.

Pink Houndstooth Skirt

White Bow Blouse

Since I took a bit of a “blogging break” in October, I have a lot of outfits that haven’t made an appearance yet on my blog. This has been one of my favorite outfits I’ve worn this fall, and it’s definitely because of all the feminine pieces paired together. I actually bought this Banana Republic bow blouse way back in July, but had to wait to wear it until it was more seasonally appropriate. The bow is detachable, which is so nice since this is a perfect layering blouse.

Feminine Outfit Ideas

White Bow Blouse

I’ve been a bit brooch obsessed ever since I inherited some of my grandma’s brooches when she passed away a few years ago. I bought some new ones recently, including the sparkly one I’m wearing in today’s post. Brooches are my favorite accessory at the moment. There’s so many ways to utilize them!

Another feminine piece that has quickly become a closet staple is this J.Crew pink and purple houndstooth skirt. I absolutely love the colors and the pattern. It’s a fun take on a classic print. Usually once it starts getting cold I begin to wear more simple black pieces. I have a feeling though that these feminine pieces are going to be on constant rotation this season!

banana republic bow blouse

Banana Republic Bow Blouse | J.Crew Houndstooth Skirt | BCBGeneration Pumps (similar) | Vintage Brooch (similar)

Week In Review

15 Apr

I’ve been laying pretty low this week since I’ve been sick since Monday. I’m going to take advantage of the weekend to recharge my batteries and try to get back to normal. On top of being sick, I think I’m suffering from some serious seasonal allergies. My head feels so congested and stuffy that I don’t even know what to do with myself. With work and life being so crazy right now, I’m seriously hoping this disappears quickly!

Since I’ve been bedridden most of the week, there has been plenty of Internet browsing to get my mind of my aches and pains.

I doubt I’ll be consuming any alcohol this weekend, but that won’t stop me from browsing tempting recipes! I don’t think you can get more refreshing than a mojito. They’re extremely light, and they go down dangerously easy. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I saw this Blueberry Mojito recipe from Butter Be Ready. How good does this look? I can see this being a huge hit at a springtime party!

Blueberry Mojito Recipe

It’s no secret that my style is heavily influenced by all things feminine (although I have been testing the waters with some edgier pieces lately). Feminine details will always be the root of what I love, which is why I wanted everything featured in this POPSUGAR Fashion article. Bows, lace, collars…I love it all. There are some great feminine recommendations in there that would make for the perfect girly staples.

Feminine Wardrobe Essentials

House Beautiful recently published an article discussing what you’re favorite color says about you. It wasn’t anything earth shattering, but did have some interesting points. I’ll admit, what mainly caught my eye was this insanely gorgeous pink room. Can you guess which color is my favorite? 😉

Pink Room

Have a good weekend!

Sophisticated In Seersucker

29 Jul

Seersucker Dress

Cynthia Steffe Seersucker Dress

Is anyone else extremely boring when it comes to their hair routine? As much as I’d love to experiment a little more, I just feel like I lack any real hair styling skill. It’s either curled or straightened, and down. Always down. I’ve watched hours of YouTube videos to try and learn a fishtail braid. I even had my 13-year-old cousin teach me all types of braids on vacation earlier this month.

Unfortunately, I haven’t learned/found any style I’m in love with, but I did accidentally make a really simple switch yesterday that I think has staying power. As basic as it sounds, I randomly blew dry my hair with a major side part, and I ended up loving it! It’s amazing how something as small as a dramatic hair part can instantly feel fresh and new.

What I’m trying to say is you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of this hairstyle here. It’s probably not even that noticeable, but this is literally the stuff that excites me :). Hopefully one day there will be some more experimental hairdos than a side part, but I think that’s still a far off time.

Ruffled Seersucker Dress Cynthia Steffe

This is the epitome of a feminine summer dress. If a piece of clothing has feminine details to it, I’m pretty much hooked. This drawstring waist paired with the ruffled hem gives off a flirty vibe, and makes it perfect for any summer occasion! I paired this blue and white dress with some simple silver jewelry. The Tiffany bone cuff goes with virtually everything, and makes a statement without being overbearing. I finished the look with some sparkle on my ears, thanks to these earrings from Curate Boutique.

Summer Seersucker Dress

Ruffled Seersucker Dress  Seersucker Dress

Seersucker Dress

Cynthia Steffe Seersucker Dress (another cute option!) | Lulu’s Ankle Strap Heels (similar) | Tiffany Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff | Curate Boutique Earrings

Summer Whites

1 Jun

White Summer Outfit

I love when a weekend has the perfect amount of lounging and productivity. Sure, there’s always more I wish I had gotten done, but I think I accomplished a good amount. I even got in a Sunday evening run, which felt amazing!

Despite the fact that I’m completely pale, I’ve been wearing a ton of white lately. Summer is my favorite time of year, and I feel like I put in the most effort with my outfits when it’s warm out. My mood is just so much better when the weather’s nice, and it makes me want to dress my best.

Anthropologie White Blouse

Can you believe that I’ve had this skirt since early high school? It’s crazy, but still looks brand new, and I love how it moves when I wear it. I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many button down blouses, which is why I easily splurged on this Anthropologie one. It’s definitely gotten it’s moneys worth lately. The real stunner of this outfit though is these incredible metallic heels from ASOS!

I know people think metallic heels can be stripper-esque, but worn with a feminine silhouette completely erases that notion. I didn’t own any green shoes (does anyone?), so that alone was my excuse for getting them. Despite the flashy appearance, these are actually going to be quite versatile this summer. I’ve already planned like ten different outfits in my head with these as my shoe of choice. Clearly, they go well with neutrals.

 Green Metallic Heels

I went with the purple lip again for today’s post. I just can’t help myself with this lipstick. I am addicted! If you can find a lip color that complements your eye color, I highly recommend it. I have green eyes, and seriously think when I wear this color on my lip that it makes my eyes look more pigmented. Maybe it’s all in my head, but either way, the purple lip is going nowhere.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick

Purple J.Crew Bracelet

ASOS Hermione Heels

Cloth and Stone White Blouse via Anthropologie | White Pleated Skirt (similar) | ASOS Hermione Heels | Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in ‘L.U.V.’  | J.Crew Bauble Bracelet