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Black, White and Houndstooth

30 Nov

Socks With Heels

I’m a sucker for quirky fashion details, which is why I’ve been itching to wear a cute pair of socks with heels. The only problem? I have a drawer full of socks that I’ve collected over the years, but none of them seem to be inspiring me lately. It’s the classic fashion dilemma of having everything, but not the right thing.

Bow Blouse

 I actually first tried the sock with non-gym shoe look back in eighth grade. I had a grade school dance I was going to, and my mom and I went out shopping for an outfit for me to wear. I remember getting a fun pink graphic tee from Abercrombie, a black pleated skirt and a pair of Doc Marten-esque shoes to go with the outfit. My mom suggested I add some fishnet socks that hit just below my knees. I was very hesitant, but she said it would look adorable and very fashion forward, so I went with it (mostly to appease her). When I got all ready for the dance (which was in our grade school cafeteria), my mom had raved about how cute the outfit we put together looked. As someone who had braces, a bad highlight job and zero self-confidence, I was actually feeling pretty good about my “unique” look! Everyone would be in jeans, and I’d be in my fun party look. When one of the mom’s picked me up for the dance, I got in the car and instantly got a lot of stares and questions about what I was wearing. My confidence balloon was instantly deflated, and I couldn’t wait for the night to end. I don’t think anyone meant to be hurtful, but it stung.

Bow Blouse Outfit

Feminine Outfit Ideas

It’s kind of funny. When I was growing up, everyone wanted to look and be the same, and if you ever dressed even slightly different than what was “cool” you would get stared at and called weird. Today, it seems like everyone is the exact opposite and what’s to be as different and unique as possible. I wish that mentality would have been more common during my childhood because I spent way too much time and energy trying to look exactly like everyone else! When you get older, you wish you could give your younger self a pep talk and tell them that everything is going to work out just fine.

Houndstooth Jacket Outfit

How to wear socks with heels

How to wear socks with heels

Fast forward to 2016, and I’m wearing my socks and heels loud and proud! I found this houndstooth pair at a J.Crew in Milwaukee and knew they’d be perfect for my feminine Mary-Jane heels. It’s hard finding the right shoe to wear socks with, but I’d say for me a simple heel is the way to go.

Since I was going for a feminine look, I opted for a bow blouse and houndstooth jacket. I can also tell that we’re getting into the time of year where I start wearing all black and white. Once it gets cold out, my body temperature and fashion choices go into a mourning period. That means mostly black until spring arrives. Hopefully I can break that cycle this year!

   Houndstooth Jacket  Black and White Outfit Ideas

Houndstooth Jacket (similar splurge + affordable) | BCBG Skirt | Banana Republic Shirt | J.Crew Houndstooth Socks (identical J.Crew pair) | Vince Camuto Heels (love this pair) | Clutch (similar) | Kate Spade Sunglasses

Feminine Staples

14 Nov

JCrew Houndstooth Skirt

Feminine Outfit Bow Blouse

Happy Monday, everyone!

I decided to do something social this weekend, which is very unlike me once it starts getting colder (I go into hibernation mode when it’s cold). Miraculously, it’s been so mild here for months, so it’s made me more willing to venture out instead of curl up in bed come Friday night. Not only was the weather enticing, but I was also invited to check out the newly opened Finery Dress Boutique in Over-the-Rhine. Finery is a dress rental boutique that allows you to rent out gorgeous dresses at an affordable price. As someone who attended a ton of weddings this year, I can attest how pricy finding the right dress can be. Renting a dress instead of buying one you may wear once or twice is genius, and their selection was incredible. I look at a lot of clothes, and was impressed at the unique selection Finery offered. Check it out Cincinnati ladies!

Molly, Elise and I decided to grab drinks after visiting Finery, and it was so nice to get together and catch up with my blogging friends.

Pink Houndstooth Skirt

White Bow Blouse

Since I took a bit of a “blogging break” in October, I have a lot of outfits that haven’t made an appearance yet on my blog. This has been one of my favorite outfits I’ve worn this fall, and it’s definitely because of all the feminine pieces paired together. I actually bought this Banana Republic bow blouse way back in July, but had to wait to wear it until it was more seasonally appropriate. The bow is detachable, which is so nice since this is a perfect layering blouse.

Feminine Outfit Ideas

White Bow Blouse

I’ve been a bit brooch obsessed ever since I inherited some of my grandma’s brooches when she passed away a few years ago. I bought some new ones recently, including the sparkly one I’m wearing in today’s post. Brooches are my favorite accessory at the moment. There’s so many ways to utilize them!

Another feminine piece that has quickly become a closet staple is this J.Crew pink and purple houndstooth skirt. I absolutely love the colors and the pattern. It’s a fun take on a classic print. Usually once it starts getting cold I begin to wear more simple black pieces. I have a feeling though that these feminine pieces are going to be on constant rotation this season!

banana republic bow blouse

Banana Republic Bow Blouse | J.Crew Houndstooth Skirt | BCBGeneration Pumps (similar) | Vintage Brooch (similar)

Houndstooth and Leather

3 Mar

Leather Skirt with Houndstooth Jacket

It warmed up a little over the weekend (despite the lack of sun), so I had to take full advantage and put on a skirt. I’ve always loved mixing classic pieces with edgier pieces to create a unique look, which is why I could wear this outfit on repeat! This pleated leather skirt has been a staple since I got it last year, and I think the pleating adds a nice feminine touch. I got this Q.Mack jacket about a month ago, and it’s been one of my favorite purchases in awhile. I love the quirkiness of a classic print in an unexpected silhouette. In this case, it’s the timeless houndstooth pattern in the form of a moto jacket.

Houndstooth Jacket with Leather Skirt

QMack Houndstooth Moto Jacket

Houndstooth Moto Jacket with Leather Skirt

White Ruffle Blouse with Houndstooth Jacket

Black and White Outfit

Jacket: QMack (similar) | Shirt: Ralph Lauren (similar) | Skirt: Urban Outfitters (similar) | Shoes: Vince Camuto

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20 Jan

QMack Houndstooth Jacket

I came across this QMack houndstooth jacket while I was Christmas shopping in December. I didn’t get it since I was on a mission to find something for my dad. I put it on my mental wish list and told myself to see if it was still available after Christmas. When I went to look for it after the holidays, it was completely gone online. That’s when my regret set in that I hadn’t bought it earlier. I made a trip to the mall last week in search of the perfect work tote. I decided to stop at Macy’s and see if they still had the jacket, and much to my surprise, they did! And it was on major sale for $25!

Rebecca Minkoff Navy Tote

Houndstooth Moto Jacket

Rebecca Minkoff MAB Tote

Rebecca Minkoff Tote Houndstooth Jacket

On that same shopping trip, I also got this Rebecca Minkoff tote. I’ve been trying to find the perfect structured bag for work without any success. I found this one on the Nordstrom website, and immediately knew it was the one for me. It reminded me a lot of my Mini MAC, and I liked that it didn’t seem too serious. Also, the colors are AMAZING. I got the navy, but also love the red, electric blue, and purple versions. I’m actually excited to pack my bag for work every day (it’s the little things in life)! Overall, it was a successful shopping trip. I splurged and I saved, and got two great pieces to add to my closet.

Houndstooth Moto Jacket

Rebecca Minkoff Navy Tote

Sweater: J.Crew | Jacket: QMack (love this one) | Pants: J.Crew | Shoes: Report | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (I got the medium tote) | Necklace: Baublebar | Bracelet: J.Crew

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