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Black, White and Houndstooth

30 Nov

Socks With Heels

I’m a sucker for quirky fashion details, which is why I’ve been itching to wear a cute pair of socks with heels. The only problem? I have a drawer full of socks that I’ve collected over the years, but none of them seem to be inspiring me lately. It’s the classic fashion dilemma of having everything, but not the right thing.

Bow Blouse

 I actually first tried the sock with non-gym shoe look back in eighth grade. I had a grade school dance I was going to, and my mom and I went out shopping for an outfit for me to wear. I remember getting a fun pink graphic tee from Abercrombie, a black pleated skirt and a pair of Doc Marten-esque shoes to go with the outfit. My mom suggested I add some fishnet socks that hit just below my knees. I was very hesitant, but she said it would look adorable and very fashion forward, so I went with it (mostly to appease her). When I got all ready for the dance (which was in our grade school cafeteria), my mom had raved about how cute the outfit we put together looked. As someone who had braces, a bad highlight job and zero self-confidence, I was actually feeling pretty good about my “unique” look! Everyone would be in jeans, and I’d be in my fun party look. When one of the mom’s picked me up for the dance, I got in the car and instantly got a lot of stares and questions about what I was wearing. My confidence balloon was instantly deflated, and I couldn’t wait for the night to end. I don’t think anyone meant to be hurtful, but it stung.

Bow Blouse Outfit

Feminine Outfit Ideas

It’s kind of funny. When I was growing up, everyone wanted to look and be the same, and if you ever dressed even slightly different than what was “cool” you would get stared at and called weird. Today, it seems like everyone is the exact opposite and what’s to be as different and unique as possible. I wish that mentality would have been more common during my childhood because I spent way too much time and energy trying to look exactly like everyone else! When you get older, you wish you could give your younger self a pep talk and tell them that everything is going to work out just fine.

Houndstooth Jacket Outfit

How to wear socks with heels

How to wear socks with heels

Fast forward to 2016, and I’m wearing my socks and heels loud and proud! I found this houndstooth pair at a J.Crew in Milwaukee and knew they’d be perfect for my feminine Mary-Jane heels. It’s hard finding the right shoe to wear socks with, but I’d say for me a simple heel is the way to go.

Since I was going for a feminine look, I opted for a bow blouse and houndstooth jacket. I can also tell that we’re getting into the time of year where I start wearing all black and white. Once it gets cold out, my body temperature and fashion choices go into a mourning period. That means mostly black until spring arrives. Hopefully I can break that cycle this year!

   Houndstooth Jacket  Black and White Outfit Ideas

Houndstooth Jacket (similar splurge + affordable) | BCBG Skirt | Banana Republic Shirt | J.Crew Houndstooth Socks (identical J.Crew pair) | Vince Camuto Heels (love this pair) | Clutch (similar) | Kate Spade Sunglasses

Bundled on Lake Michigan

28 Nov

JCrew Cocoon Coat

About a month ago, my mom and I took a road trip to visit my brother in Milwaukee. I mentioned on my Instagram about a month ago that my family had to put Oscar, our beloved family pet of 15 years, to sleep. I haven’t written much about it because it was the most painful and traumatic thing I’ve ever had to experience, and even typing this is making my eyes fill with tears. Oscar was my best friend and companion, and as much as I wanted him to stay around forever, we also knew how much he had been suffering recently due to his strokes and diabetes.

A few days after we had to say goodbye to Oscar, I was in one of my best friend’s weddings. It was a ton of fun, but trying to put a game face on when you’re grieving is something I now know is extremely hard. Long story short, I was pretty drained. My mom and I decided to escape reality for a few days and drive up to visit my brother. She had visited Milwaukee before, but this was my first trip.

Our trip was short but eventful, and I feel like I got to experience a nice sampling of Milwaukee life. Since the trip was kind of a mental escape, I didn’t take many pictures of the places we ventured, which I didn’t even realize until after we left. I can tell you though, that the food was incredible and the sights were impressive.

I know I’m missing a few places, but these are the restaurants we ate at and loved: BelAir CantinaMo’s…A Place for Steaks and Carson’s Ribs.

Jcrew Stadium Cloth Coat

Patent Leather Loafers

Now, onto the outfit choices for the trip. I knew it would be a lot colder up in Milwaukee because it sits on Lake Michigan. I’ve learned from visiting Joe in Cleveland over the years (thank you cold Lake Erie) that the wind chill can be completely mind-numbing, especially for someone who is always cold like I am.  My goal was to pack warm and comfy.

I knew we’d be venturing to the lake on this day, so I dressed accordingly. That meant breaking in my new Cocoon coat from J.Crew, which I was more than happy to break out. I’ve wanted this coat for years now, and decided this was the year I was going to suck it up and buy it. It’s probably the best outerwear decision I’ve ever made. This coat is perfect! The color, the simple design, the length. It’s all so good, especially when you need to bundle up but still want to look put together.

Ever since this trip, I have been living in my J.Crew coat, and get compliments on it wherever I go. I know this is one of J.Crew’s staple coats, and if you’ve ever toyed with buying it, I can vouch that you won’t regret it. Another thing I’ve been living in are these incredible Rebecca Minkoff loafers. They’re black patent leather, and I think I’ve worn them every single day in November. There’s something so effortless and chic about a good pair of loafers.

JCrew Stadium Cloth

J.Crew Stadium Cloth Cocoon Coat | Banana Republic Black Skinny Jeans | Uniqlo TurtleneckRebecca Minkoff Edie Loafers  | Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace c/o | Kate Spade Bag (love this option)

Feminine Staples

14 Nov

JCrew Houndstooth Skirt

Feminine Outfit Bow Blouse

Happy Monday, everyone!

I decided to do something social this weekend, which is very unlike me once it starts getting colder (I go into hibernation mode when it’s cold). Miraculously, it’s been so mild here for months, so it’s made me more willing to venture out instead of curl up in bed come Friday night. Not only was the weather enticing, but I was also invited to check out the newly opened Finery Dress Boutique in Over-the-Rhine. Finery is a dress rental boutique that allows you to rent out gorgeous dresses at an affordable price. As someone who attended a ton of weddings this year, I can attest how pricy finding the right dress can be. Renting a dress instead of buying one you may wear once or twice is genius, and their selection was incredible. I look at a lot of clothes, and was impressed at the unique selection Finery offered. Check it out Cincinnati ladies!

Molly, Elise and I decided to grab drinks after visiting Finery, and it was so nice to get together and catch up with my blogging friends.

Pink Houndstooth Skirt

White Bow Blouse

Since I took a bit of a “blogging break” in October, I have a lot of outfits that haven’t made an appearance yet on my blog. This has been one of my favorite outfits I’ve worn this fall, and it’s definitely because of all the feminine pieces paired together. I actually bought this Banana Republic bow blouse way back in July, but had to wait to wear it until it was more seasonally appropriate. The bow is detachable, which is so nice since this is a perfect layering blouse.

Feminine Outfit Ideas

White Bow Blouse

I’ve been a bit brooch obsessed ever since I inherited some of my grandma’s brooches when she passed away a few years ago. I bought some new ones recently, including the sparkly one I’m wearing in today’s post. Brooches are my favorite accessory at the moment. There’s so many ways to utilize them!

Another feminine piece that has quickly become a closet staple is this J.Crew pink and purple houndstooth skirt. I absolutely love the colors and the pattern. It’s a fun take on a classic print. Usually once it starts getting cold I begin to wear more simple black pieces. I have a feeling though that these feminine pieces are going to be on constant rotation this season!

banana republic bow blouse

Banana Republic Bow Blouse | J.Crew Houndstooth Skirt | BCBGeneration Pumps (similar) | Vintage Brooch (similar)

Stepping Into Fall

21 Sep

Brown Corduroy Skirt

Today is the day I’m officially making the switch over to fall fashion. It makes me sad to hang up my summer clothes and saw farewell to the warm weather, but I have to admit I’m excited to take my fall clothes for a spin. If we could keep September weather for the rest of fall then it would be the best of both worlds.

I’ve already been stocking up on some new fall pieces, and one of them is this incredible J.Crew corduroy mini skirt. I have a good amount of corduroy pants, but this is my first skirt in the fabric. Joe (my boyfriend) is obsessed with corduroy, and I think of him every time I see it. I love the length of this skirt because it’s appropriate for work, but short enough that it’s also cute for non-work occasions.

JCrew Corduory Skirt

corduroy skirt jcrew

I feel like once a new season starts, it takes awhile to find your style groove. I kept looking at myself in the mirror in this outfit and feeling like something didn’t look right. I felt weirdly uncomfortable, but I think I’m just trying to get adjusted to these heavier clothes.

One of the things I feel like I’m always lacking is shoes. I have a ton of them, but never the “right pair”. I think we’ve all been there. I practically live in my Mary-Jane heels this time of year, but wanted to switch it up (and also I’m really worried I’m going to wear out the soles of my favorite shoes). Block heels are my absolute favorite thing at the moment, because they elongate you while still making you feel stable. I always feel like a baby deer when I’m trying to navigate in high heels, so I hope this block heel trend stays around for awhile.

Rebecca Minkoff Brooke

I saw these Rebecca Minkoff heels and it was like my dream shoe had come to life. They have the Mary-Jane strap and it’s a low block heel. Score. This is my first time wearing them, but so far they’ve proven to be incredibly comfortable!

Fall Outfit Ideas

Casual Fall Outfit Ideas

Rebecca Minkoff Brooke Heels

Jcrew Corduroy Skirt

Fall Outfits

Madewell Striped Top

J.Crew Corduroy Skirt | Banana Republic Denim Jacket | Madewell Striped Top (similar) | Rebecca Minkoff Brooke Heels | Kendra Scott Cindy Earrings

Black & White Sophistication

15 Sep

Jcrew Ruffle Top

Are you like me and putting an insane amount of pressure on yourself at all times? It’s pretty obvious that I have totally slowed down on my blog the past few months, and I cannot tell you how guilty I feel about it. I’ve been blogging for almost four years, and this is by far the worst I’ve ever been about posting. Even though I’ve had good reason to not post as much (health reasons, being insanely busy with real estate), I’ve still been putting a crazy amount of guilt on myself. For example, I’ve been battling a nasty case of strep throat and the flu this week. It’s been rough, and although I have been completely worn out I still feel like I can’t 100% relax because my mind is thinking about all of the things I should be doing (catching up on email, working on my blog). I’ve been working on accepting when I just need to take a step back and slow down, but I’m not 100% there yet.  I think too that summer makes everything a little bit harder. We’re all trying to live it up in the nice weather, and by Labor Day you’re just drained. As much as I love the nice weather, I think I’m ready for a slow down. Blogging was always relaxing and therapeutic for me, and I want to get back to that place!

bcbg fit and flare skirt

fit and flare skirt bcbg

On a fashion-related note, this outfit epitomizes my feminine style. I’ve always had a soft spot for bows, but I went on a bit of a bow bender this summer, buying way too many tops tied with a bow. This J.Crew ruffled top caught my eye online, and it took me all of three minutes to add it to my cart. A girl knows a good bow when she sees it. I actually took these pictures in July (more proof of me falling behind this summer), and wanted to post it before it’s totally out of season.

I’ve seen a few other bloggers sporting it as well, and I can attest that it was a good purchase. The material is ponte, which I love because of its thickness. It’s been a work staple for me lately.

Black and White Ruffle Top with Bow

Black and White Striped Heels

Another piece I’ve been looking to add to my closet is a black fit and flare skirt. I have one already, but sometimes it feels too heavy and bulky. I remember trying on the BCBGMaxazria Ingrid skirt a few years back, and loving how it felt. It’s pretty fitted around the waist, but the flare is just too perfect. I saw the black version pop up on Shopbop recently, and knew this was the one.

It’s funny, usually I am all about color from spring through summer, but I’ve been going a lot more neutral lately. I don’t know why the sudden change of heart, but I like the potential of mixing and matching my black and white pieces. Knowing me, this could all change in a week. We’ll see what the season change brings!

J.Crew Ruffled Top | BCBGMaxazria Ingrid Skirt | Vince Camuto Striped Heels | Kate Spade Sunglasses

feminine outfit ideas

jcrew ruffle neck top

bcbg ingrid skirt

jcrew bow top

J.Crew Ruffled Top | BCBGMaxazria Ingrid Skirt | Vince Camuto Striped Heels | Kate Spade Sunglasses

Candy Colored Stripes

6 Jul

Colorful Striped Shirt JCrew

I’m back after a brief blog hiatus! Do you ever have those moments where life just gets a little too overwhelming and you need to take a step back and have a breather? That’s where I’ve been the past few weeks, and after an extremely relaxing trip to Cleveland over the holiday weekend I’m ready to dive back into the real world.

Joe and I did a ton of fun things over the weekend, and we really explored Cleveland which we haven’t done in awhile. I joke that I don’t visit him in the winter because I just can’t handle the lake effect, but that actually was the case this year. I somehow managed to avoid journeying up there the entire winter, which was made easier by the fact that he was prepping for his CFA those months. I wasn’t complaining, especially since his work schedule had him in the southern parts of Ohio a good amount of the time. Now that summer is here, I was antsy to get up there and enjoy the nice weather. It’s crazy how different the temperatures are in Cincinnati and Cleveland. It’s a good ten degrees cooler up there, and I even struggled with it this time of year. I’m pathetic.

Madewell Cropped Skinny Jeans

JCrew Striped Shirt

JCrew Striped Popover Shirt

The focus of today’s blog post is this colorful striped J.Crew shirt. If there were a shirt that summed up my attitude in the summer this would be it. Fun, colorful and comfortable. My eyes were instantly drawn to it when I was shopping at J.Crew a few weeks ago. It comes in a tunic version as well, but there was something about this shirt that I loved. As much as I loved it, I was a little worried because it looked pretty big and boxy. Luckily, they had a really small size that I tried on and it ended up working. For reference, I typically wear a size Small, but went with a XXS to make it a little less boxy. It still has a good amount of that casual, flowy structure, too.

This top is totally me this time of year. I gravitate toward the most colorful pieces in the summer, even if they aren’t the most practical. Not to say this isn’t practical, but it’s definitely something I’m not wearing to work every day. With that being said, this will be the first thing in my suitcase when I pack for my upcoming Florida trip. The multi-colored candy stripes give off retro beach vibes, but also weirdly remind me of that Fruit Stripe gum with the zebra on the packaging.

Colorful Striped Shirt JCrew

I also feel the need to mention my love-hate relationship with these skinny cropped Madewell jeans. I love the length and the wash, but this zipper causes me some serious issues. I wanted to mention it in case anyone thinks I’m an idiot who doesn’t know how to zip her pants up all the way. For some reason, the zipper just slides down throughout the day. Not blatantly or all the way, but just the perfect subtle amount that I don’t even notice it until it’s too late. Case in point, these lovely pictures!

Colorful Striped Shirt JCrew

Colorful Striped Shirt JCrew

Candy Striped Shirt JCrew

Colorful Striped JCrew Shirt

J.Crew Candy Striped Popover Shirt

Madewell Cropped Skinny Jeans (similar)

Banana Republic Margaux Sunglasses

Rebecca Minkoff MAB Tote

Banana Republic Eryn Sandals

Adorned In Orange

21 Apr

Sleeveless Orange Top

Today’s blog post might as well be an ode to spring. It’s full of color and flowers. Lots of flowers.

Like I mentioned Monday, my mom and I went to the Cincinnati Flower Show over the weekend, and it was amazing. I love spring, and the amount of flowers we saw was proof that the best season of the year is here. I’m so happy I brought my camera along to document, because I won’t stop staring at these pictures anytime soon!

Colorful Flowers

 Colorful Spring Outfit Ideas

What does one wear to a flower show? I was asking myself that same question while staring blankly at my closet with my mouth wide open. If it were up to me, I’d be wearing my best daytime dress with a complementary pair of heels. And of course, lots of jewelry. However, I knew I had to go with a more realistic option since 1. I knew we’d be walking a ton, and 2. it was 75 degrees outside.

I knew I had to wear something with color in it. I’m such a cheerleader for spring if you haven’t noticed already. Thankfully I have this trusty Forever 21 top that I bought way early on in college. Don’t you love those inexpensive Forever 21 purchases that never seem to go out of style. I sure do. This is actually pretty thick and structured, so it feels a bit dressier than a regular sleeveless top.

The accessories were really the most fun part of this getup. I knew this is where I wanted my look to shine (pun intended). These Dune London embellished sandals are beyond comfy and so perfect for a day spent on your feet. Since we were going to a flower show, I went the obvious route and opted for this Kate Spade flower necklace. It’s substantial but lightweight, which is perfect for a warm spring day.

Finally, I wore what are easily my favorite pair of sunglasses I own. These bad boys are from Banana Republic and I feel retro chic every time I wear them. PS- Banana Republic has a ton of different color options in this style!

 Cincinnati Flower Show

Bright Orange Top

Garden with Fountain

I think this is my dream garden setup. Between the bulb strand lights and this incredible wall fountain, I want this to be my backyard.

Pink and white wedding flower arrangement

I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon, but this wedding flower arrangement had me dreaming of my future wedding. I love all the pinks and whites, and the idea of using flowers as a table runner is genius.

White JCrew Shorts

Orange Sleeveless Top (love this identical option!)

J.Crew Chino Shorts

Dune London Embellished Sandals (similar)

Banana Republic Sunglasses (love these, these, and these)

Kate Spade Flower Necklace (gorgeous option)

Gingham Girl

4 Apr

Gingham Shorts

White Shirt Gingham Shorts

Happy Opening Day! Baseball is a big deal here in Cincinnati, and Opening Day is a citywide holiday. I’ve gone to my fair share of Reds Opening Day games in my lifetime, and this year will be no different. Some years it’s warm, others it’s cold, but it’s always a good time. As of me typing this on Sunday night, I have no clue what I’ll be wearing, which is stressful for someone who likes to have their outfit planned out. I’m seeing some rain in the forecast, which could make for some interesting baseball game fashion. I’m envisioning a Reds poncho in my near future…

Blue and White Gingham Shorts

Checkered Shorts White Blouse

If I had to pick a favorite pattern, gingham is at the top of the list. It’s classic, preppy and fun. I tend to get on a checkered kick this time of year. Now, I have a lot of gingham in my closet, but it’s mostly in the form of button down shirts (and a few dresses). When I got one of the recent J.Crew catalogs in the mail, I went crazy over all the gingham pieces. Gingham blazers, gingham moto jackets and gingham shorts? One of each, please. As much as I wanted anything and everything gingham, I promised myself I’d just stick to one piece.

Gingham Shorts Outfit

I immediately knew I’d get the most use out of the shorts. I really love this bright shade of blue, and the lightweight material makes it perfect for these rapidly approaching warm months. Even though gingham is a pretty bold pattern, you can do a ton with it style wise. Right now, I’m really into pairing them with white to let the pants make a statement.

Blue Gingham Shorts

I decided to take a walk on the wild side and do something different with my hair. That was totally sarcastic, as putting your hair in a ponytail with braids on either side is hardly wild, but for me it kind of is. As much as I always want to experiment with my long hair, this braid/ponytail sitch was necessary to mask my greasy hair. I’d do cooler braids, but unfortunately this is all I know right now. No matter how many videos I watch trying to perfect a new braid, it just doesn’t register in my brain. Since Elise is a hair and beauty wizard, I asked her to teach me the art of the braid, and my fingers are crossed that it’ll be the turning point for me!

Blue White Gingham Shorts

How To Wear Gingham

Jcrew Checkered Shorts

J.Crew Gingham Shorts

White Button Down Shirt

Lulu’s Ankle Strap Heels (love these)

Silver Clutch (similar)

Staying Warm

15 Feb

Altar'd State Sheepskin Coat

Today’s outfit couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. We got blasted with a snowstorm yesterday, and maybe I’m alone here, but I had no idea it was coming. Snow usually doesn’t freak me out too much, but driving in it totally changes all those nonchalant feelings. I drive a Jeep, which is my saving grace in times of winter storms.

However, as reliable as Libby the Liberty (yes my car has a name) can be, it’s pretty much useless when your windshield wipers are out of commission. I had to learn that the hard way yesterday when I drove through the thick of it. My wipers were all out of whack, and the more I sped them up the more blurry they made the view. The drive from my parents to my place is usually about 10 minutes, but it took me well over 30. I had to pull over eight different times to wipe off my windshield, and then ultimately resorted to driving with my window down and scraping while I drove. It was dangerous and terrifying all at once, and I am now booking an appointment to get new wipers today.

Sheepskin Winter Coat

Did I mention I’m ready for spring?!

Now, back to the outfit. This is about as comfortably chic as it gets for me. When I’m having a bad hair day, or know it’s going to be a windy one, I instantly grab this embellished beanie. It tames my mane, and sparkles at the same time.

I can’t take credit for this coat because it’s my moms, but it’s probably the warmest thing I’ve ever put on my body. The sheepskin texture keeps you warm even on the coldest of days, and that gets my seal of approval.

 sheepskin coat with embellished beanie

Altar’d State Sheepskin Fuzzy Coat (similar)| J.Crew Pixie Pants | Nordstrom BP Trolley Booties | Ann Taylor Embellished Beanie (similar)

Fun In Fringe

16 Nov

J.Crew Fringe Top

J.Crew Fringe Top

Fringe and fun are pretty much synonymous with each other, and that’s exactly why I snatched this top up the second I saw it at J.Crew last week. If I could have a closet full of glamorous pieces, I would. I already have a similar style top, but I love unique details like this, and feel like it’s perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Just talking about all this is making me excited for all my festive outfits!

Even though I’d consider this a fun holiday top, I think it’ll be pretty easy to style for daytime. One of the perks of working in real estate is the flexibility you have with your wardrobe. I like to dress up, and think pairing this with a blazer and some dark skinny pants would be totally work-appropriate. Maybe even a sleek ponytail to finish the look!

Kendra Scott Elton Bracelet

This is the drusy bracelet I bought during our Kendra Scott event last week. It’s the Elton bracelet, and this sparkly platinum design belonged in my jewelry collection. It’s my mission to add more silver jewelry to my massively gold collection, and Kendra Scott’s holiday collection is making that a lot easier for me!

Kendra Scott Elton Bracelet

Leather Shorts with Black Tights

Grey Fringe Top J.Crew

Black and Grey Fringe

I know this picture’s a little blurry, but I had to show the fringe in action! You should (but never will) see the 50+ attempts at taking a picture of this. I looked like I was partaking in an invisible hula hooping contest, and it was not pretty.

Black and Grey Fringe Top

I wanted to keep my outfit fun and party-ready, so I thought this tights and leather shorts combination gave off the perfect vibe for that. You can always opt for some black skinny jeans with a top like this, but a shorts and tights look definitely adds a fun element.

Grey Fringe Top

How To Wear a Fringe Top

J.Crew Fringe Top

J.Crew Fringe Knit Top | Gianni Bini Leather Shorts (similar) | HUE Tights | Vince Camuto Heels (similar) | Kendra Scott Elton Bracelet | Silpada Cuff