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Video: Kendra Scott Color Bar + A GIVEAWAY

9 Nov

Jewelry has long been an obsession of mine, and it’s pretty easy to see the second you see my massive jewelry collection.

I have every kind of piece you can imagine, ranging from dainty to statement making. Pieces that I’ve splurged on, pieces that were handed down to me from my mom and grandma. For me, jewelry has always been really personal. It’s a reflection of my varying taste and each different piece holds a special memory.

 I’ve always been a huge fan of Kendra Scott, and have grown to love the brand even more since they opened their Liberty Center store last year. I think most of the baubles I’ve added to my collection in the last year have been from Kendra Scott. Everything is just so good!

One of the staples of the Kendra Scott brand is the Color Bar. The Color Bar is a genius concept that allows you to customize your own piece of Kendra Scott jewelry via a touch screen and have it created in front of you to take home that day. Or, you can customize your baubles online from the comforts of your home. Amazing, right?!

It may or may not surprise you that I had an extremely difficult time narrowing down my design. Like I said, everything is too good! I ultimately decided on the Rayne necklace in rose gold metal with a rose quartz stone. I’m in love with it. I don’t have many rose gold pieces, and I loved the rich tone it gave off when paired with the rose quartz.

I teamed up with the Kendra Scott Liberty Center location to offer one lucky winner in the Cincinnati/Dayton area a chance to create something of their own from the Color Bar!

Click here to enter


-‘Like’ Baubles to Bubbles on Facebook

-‘Like’ Kendra Scott Cincinnati on Facebook

-Additional entry if you follow @kendrascott on Instagram

Enter through this Rafflecopter link

Fine Print:

-Winner to receive $100 certificate toward the Color Bar

-Winner must reside in the Cincinnati/Dayton region (within driving distance of the Kendra Scott Liberty Center location)

-Giveaway ends 11/17 at midnight


Thank you to the super talented Mackenzie Frank for filming!

The Perfect Pairing: Summer Cocktail + Kendra Scott Baubles

19 May

Grapefruit Champagne Cocktail

Today’s post is all about two of my favorite things: jewelry and champagne!

This is another video in my Perfect Pairing series on my YouTube channel (make sure to subscribe if you aren’t already!), and this edition involves a spring/summer champagne cocktail. I wanted to make something using flavors that reminded me of summer and being outside. That’s why I thought grapefruit would be the perfect ingredient. Some fresh grapefruit juice, mint and champagne? What else would you want to drink this time of year?!

 Kate Spade Jigger

Finding the best jewelry match for this drink was extremely easy this month. I’ve mentioned the Kendra Scott Cindy earrings a few times on here, but these are my top choice for the upcoming summer months. The charms are what really sold me on these, and they add a really fun touch to a traditional hoop earring. These are statement earrings, but in a delicate way that’s not too over the top. I also associate these earrings with summer because they look incredible with anything off the shoulder. Something about the mix of dangly earrings and exposed shoulders just feels right.

Kendra Scott Cindy Earrings

Summer Cocktail Recipe

Pictured Above: Kate Spade Polka Dot Bowl | Kate Spade Jigger

April Favorites

3 May

Today’s video is all about what I loved in the month of April. Speaking of April, where in the world did it go? It feels so strange to keep saying that it’s May. Click below to watch the video, and keep reading for more info on what’s featured!

Although quick, April was a fun month in terms of shopping and trying new things. I went pretty wild when it comes to shopping because I’m so excited that it’s spring. Any excuse for shopping, right?!

-I tried out a new scent this month and am obsessed with it. Have any of you tried Bombshell from Victoria’s Secret? I wanted a rollerball perfume to keep in my purse when I need a little refresh, and happened to come across this in a pinch. I was rushing to a post-work meeting and ran to Victoria’s Secret to try and find a good scent. Bombshell was the first thing I smelled and knew it was the one. I bought this with the intention of using it when I’m on the go, but I’ve actually been rolling this on in the morning as my all day scent. It’s so good, and I think I’ll be buying the full size bottle in the near future!

-Highlighter has become my go-to beauty product, and I don’t feel complete without it now. I bought the Laura Mercier ‘Matte Radiance’ Baked Powder about six months ago, and haven’t looked back. My skin leans toward the oily side, and this highlighting powder gives me the perfect glow without making my skin greasy. It’s amazing to see how much it enhances your look with just a few swipes. Plus, I’ve had this for half a year and haven’t even made a dent in it. Definitely worth the price!

-Sunglasses are my favorite accessory of the moment, and I’ve had to hold myself back from going crazy buying them. I used to hate sunglasses, and now I always find myself looking at them online and in person. I bought the Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses earlier in April, and love how comfortable the fit is. They’re really sleek looking and I can pair them with anything in my closet.

-Realistically, I won’t be able to wear this until fall, but I had to snatch up this Topshop moto jacket when I saw it at Nordstrom. I’ve been searching high and low for a black faux leather jacket, and finally felt that this one was a good match. It has quilted details on the sleeves and lots of zippers, which I’d usually be against but it works well on this jacket. I’m all for simple pieces, and I didn’t mind the hardware on here.

For April’s favorite bauble, I had to go with the Kendra Scott Cindy hoop earrings. It’s funny because I’ve been very “anti-hoop” the past 10 or so years. When I was younger, I wore my fair share of hoops (they were on the small side). I then went through a phase in high school and college where I was so against them for myself. I didn’t mind them on other people, but just wasn’t feeling it for myself. Then, I went to the Kendra Scott store and fell in love with these hoops from the summer collection. They have charms on them, which I died over and didn’t think twice about buying them. I’ve worn them a ton since I bought them, and I know they’re going to be paired with all my off the shoulder tops this spring and summer!

Last, but certainly not least are the Calvin Klein Nola mules. My mom really came through without me even telling her, which is awesome. She got these for me for Easter and knew I desperately wanted some mules, but had no clue that I actually had wanted this exact pair. It was a pleasant Easter to say the least! These mules are great, and the matte leather look makes them appropriate year round.

What did you love in April? I’m excited to see what things I’ll be loving in May!

The Perfect Easter Sunday

29 Mar

Easter Outfit Ideas

Easter is always one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. The weather is usually nice, and everything is starting to bloom and feel fresh.

This year’s Easter was extra enjoyable, and it felt like everything worked out perfectly to make for an amazing day. First, Joe was in town which is always a good thing. Between my busy real estate schedule and him studying/always traveling for work, we haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time together in 2016. He enjoys a good meal as much as I do, so he was easily convinced to make the drive for the weekend.

blooming spring trees

Family Easter PIcture

In addition to Joe being in town, it was really nice to spend the day with my family. I love Easter because it doesn’t seem as hectic as some of the other holidays, and you get to relax a bit more. I think we’re all pretty excited it’s starting to warm up, and we clearly took full advantage of the nice day.

My mom is Italian, so our Easter consists of homemade ravioli. Since I don’t eat meat, I always have my sights set on the cheese ravs. They’re the most amazing things I’ve ever had, and it’s all I think about during the week leading up to Easter. No joke, I eat about 20 ravs during our Easter lunch. I’m a pasta addict, and something comes over me once you put ravioli in front of me. I’m sure my Italian ancestors are very proud!

I usually have a pretty clear idea of my holiday outfits in advance, but this year was so hectic that I had no clue what I was wearing until 30 minutes before we had to leave. I decided on this cream colored laser cut leather dress since the weather was gorgeous and I’ve been itching to wear a dress. Since it wouldn’t be Easter without a pop of color, I paired the dress with some bright pink suede heels and these Kendra Scott amethyst earrings.

Kendra Scott Carey Earrings

Joe brought out his colors too, and wore this  yellow Brooks Brothers sweater that I love. He also snuck in this bunny ears shot that I thought was too cute to not post.

I hope everyone had a good Easter!

Bunny Ears PIcture

RACHEL Rachel Roy Leather Dress (similar)

Dee Keller Pink Heels (OBSESSED with these)

Kendra Scott Carey Earrings

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in ‘Yu’

February Favorites

3 Mar

March is already flying by, and I’m loving it! Bring it on, spring. Before I get too far ahead of myself, I wanted to share some of my favorite things from February. I filmed a video highlighting all my favorites, but thought I’d share a few of them in a blog post, too.

This Acqua di Gioa perfume by Giorgio Armani was my go-to perfume this past month. It has a strong, masculine scent and is perfect for these last few weeks of winter. It’s different from what I usually wear, but it’s good to switch it up every once in awhile.

Aqua Di Gioa Perfume

Another product worth mentioning is this Aveeno Positively Nourishing body wash. I use the lavender scent, and it is incredible. I love anything that smells like lavender because it’s so calming and relaxing. This is no exception, and I’ve even got my boyfriend using it when he’s in town! I love how fresh it smells when you get out of the shower and ready for the day.

Aveeno Body Wash

I attended a Kendra Scott event earlier in the month, and had an instant connection with these Carey amethyst earrings from their new spring collection. Since I have dark hair and features, I thought these would stand out nicely against my brunette locks. Plus, I didn’t have any purple earrings until now, and you can never say no to purple earrings, right?

Kendra Scott Amethyst Earrings

Patchology has become my go-to when I wake up with heavy, puffy eyes (which newsflash, is every morning). The FlashPatch eye gels sit directly on your puffy bags, and you can instantly feel a cooling sensation the second you put them on. I leave mine on when I’m getting ready for work in the morning!

Patchology eye Patches

Bauble Wish List: Kendra Scott Spring

16 Feb

It’s time for February’s Bauble Wish List! How is it mid February already? I want time to slow down, but I also want it to be spring, so I’m a little conflicted. How about time flying until spring arrives? I think that’s the best alternative.

Not only am I anxious for spring because of the weather, but now that I’ve seen the Kenda Scott spring collection in person, I’m even more ready for it. Luckily, the jewels are something we don’t have to wait around for because you can shop them now!

I attended an event at the Kendra Scott store in Liberty Township over the weekend, and was amazed by everything I was seeing. There are lots of gorgeous stones in this collection, and some incredible pieces that incorporate unique pearls. There are a lot of different pearl varieties too, including black brown and the standard ivory.

I fell in love with the amethyst Carey earrings, and knew I needed to get them. I included them below, but it’s hard to see its true beauty online. They’re a stunning shade of pastel purple, and think they really complement brown hair. Plus, I have a lot of weddings to attend this year, and have been searching high and low for a reliable pair of statement earrings. I can’t wait to style them!

I included my other favorites from the spring collection below. Everything looks rich and makes for a subtle statement. The stones do all the talking, and no two pieces are the same.

Kendra Scott Spring 2016 Collection

Lyle Hand Bracelet | Gavin Cuff Bracelet | Charlotte Gunmetal Necklace

Carey Earrings | Cambel Bracelet | Tristan Neck Cuff | Ginna Stud Earrings

My New Favorite Top + A GIVEAWAY!

21 Dec

Anthropologie Wool Cotton Top

Ladies, I know you will understand my excitement when I say I’ve found my “new favorite top“. Sure, we probably all have like ten tops we’d consider to be our “favorite”, but I can tell you that right now this is mine.

Anthropologie Ruffle Hem Top

We first met when I walked in the Anthropologie fashion show last month. During my fitting, I tried on different outfits that the Anthro girls pulled for me. I was pretty impressed when I saw this ruffled top in my dressing room. It’s totally my style, and fit like a glove when I put it on.

Anthropologie Ruffled Top

Dark Skinny Jeans with Anthropologie Top

It has a layered look to it, but this is one top. The grey sweater portion is wool, and the rest is made of cotton. What I love is that it has a nice stretch to it, too. I wore a few looks in the show, but this was my favorite. A few people came up to me afterward and insisted that I needed to buy this top, and I happily obliged. It’s perfectly feminine, and has the potential to be casual or dressy.

Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace

While I could go on and on, it’s time for the fun part of today’s post! See this Kendra Scott Rayne necklace I’m wearing? It could be YOURS if you enter the giveaway I’m hosting with Kendra Scott!

To enter, all you have to do is follow me on Instagram and “like” the Kendra Scott Cincinnati Facebook page! Be sure to follow this link so you confirm that you entered. The giveaway is open until midnight Thursday. Good luck!  Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace

Ruffled Top with Skinny Jeans

Anthropologie Ruffle Hem Top | Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace | Gap Skinny Jeans | Vince Camuto Mary-Janes

Kendra Scott x Thread Cincinnati Event

11 Nov

Kendra Scott Earrings

On Monday evening, the ladies of Thread Cincinnati got together and hosted a shopping party at the new Kendra Scott store at Liberty Center. It was my first time inside one of her stores, and as you can imagine, it was paradise! It was dark and gloomy outside, but the second I set foot inside the Kendra Scott store, it felt like I was walking into a bright, inviting dream.

Kendra Scott Liberty Center Cincinnati

As you can see, the space is absolutely gorgeous. I love well-lit spaces that make it easy to shop, and this was no exception. Not only is it easy to see the products you’re shopping, but at Kendra Scott you’re also encouraged to play with and try on your baubles! I love this mentality, because buying jewelry is such a personal experience. You want to see what it looks like on your body and let’s be honest: you feel like a big kid in a woman’s version of a candy shop!

Kendra Scott Color Bar

The Color Bar is a customized experience that allows you to design your very own piece of jewelry. Like I said above, jewelry is so personal, and this totally acknowledges that. I really like the idea that you can create something nobody else has.

Kendra Scott Jewelry

The colorful section of the store had my attention most of the night. It was rainbow heaven!

Kendra Scott Party

No party is complete without some sweets and drinks!

Kendra Scott Store

Everything was laid out neatly and organized, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Kendra Scott Store Cincinnati

If I had to design my dream house, I’d use the Kendra Scott store as inspiraiton. The arched doorways and statement chandelier are now on my wish list.

Thread Cincinnati

The ladies in attendance: Alice & Karen | Tamia | Elise | Liz | Preeti

Week In Review

11 Sep

Despite this being a four day work week, it sure felt like a long one. Some co-workers and I decided the week after a holiday weekend is always spent catching up on work you missed. That was evident for me this week. Lot’s of running around without feeling like you’re accomplishing much.

I’m excited to get dressed up tonight (although I have no clue what I’m wearing yet) for the Cincy Chic’s Stiletto’s & Startups event downtown. You can still get tickets for tonight’s event, which is being held at the PNC on 5th starting at 6:00. Myself and some other bloggers will be there judging the best shoes of the night! There was some stiff competition last year, so I’m excited to see what everyone wears tonight.

My mom grows her own basil, and her plant is currently growing like crazy. I’ve never seen so much basil before, and am shocked no animals have gotten ahold of it like previous years. I’ve been researching different cocktail recipes that call for basil, and think I found the perfect one. This Fresh Ginger Moscow Mule from Pickled Plum sounds incredibly refreshing! I think it’s a good drink for one last summer hurrah.

Moscow Mule Recipe

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know I started a new feature called “Bauble of the Week”. I’m still going to do my monthly wish lists of jewelry, but thought this would be a more personal way of sharing the jewelry I already own and love. I have so much of it, so I’m excited to share things that are new and pieces I’ve had for years! This week, I shared the Callan Ear Jackets from Kendra Scott. These are from her Mystic Bazaar collection, and I LOVE THEM! They’re easy to style, and are so different than anything I own.

Callan Ear Jacket Kendra Scott